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How can I keep my Jack Russell from rolling around in poo?

Tweet She’s 8 years old and stubborn… doesn’t learn very well, so I figure this will be hard. I have another Russell that’s 3 and he’s never rolled around in any animal’s poo. It’s the second time this week. I’m guessing it’s a cat. I figure if it was the other dog’s then she’d do […]


My dog runs and hides when it hears fireworks but to this day she still hides? What can I do? please help!?

Tweet My dog, Abby, is a little dog. Ever since this 4th of july( when the sun is setting) she runs under my bed for security. She still does it? Can you please help me! I took her to a vet and the vet didn’t know what to do, just to let her know it […]


Is four dogs to many?

Tweet My husband and I have a large yard and have two inside dogs and one large outside dog! And my husband and I are seriously considering another large dog! We have a very large yard with 6th privacy fence and yard is lined with railroad ties! Also we have a spare large kennel and […]


Something wrong with my dog?!?

Tweet I have a chihuahua named sammy about a little over the age of two. He’s about 10 lbs (he’s not full bred) and he’s a little chunky. Ok, this happened this morning just about an hour ago…. My mom let Sammy out of his kennel this morning around 12. We usually do this every […]


what do you think of this poem; inspired by the book of mice and men.?

Tweet it’s a poem for school, it’s in the format of an ode. im terrible at writing, so i just wanted to see if anyone thinks is alright. I dedicated it to Lennie (the big dumb guy) and made it so it was directing him, or reassuring him. like telling him not to be scared […]

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