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PUPPY HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Tweet hi there, i asked this before but would add more detail because it would not let me before, basically can i keep my 8 week GSD pup outdoors? I have a back garden with a huge wall around it. I have built a kennel with lots of insulation between all da sides and have […]


Worried about leaving my dogs while…?

Tweet My husband and I are going on vacation in June. We will be leaving on Saturday and coming back on Wednesday. The only problem is, we can’t take our 3 dogs with us. The cabin isn’t pet friendly. So we’re leaving them with my parents. I trust them to keep them, but my 7 […]


any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?

Tweet I have a 5 yr old dog whom I would like to crate while I am away from the house. He has issues with peeing and pooping on the floor while we are gone. Even if we take him out just before we leave. Also we would like him to be in there at […]


Can I leave the crate door open for my new puppy?

Tweet So, I was given a 10-week-old puppy last weekend. Not ideal timing for me, but I am very happy to have him and plan to spoil him as I’ve always spoiled my other dog. As I attempt to get back into my work schedule, I am finding that I’m not functioning well at work […]


Dogdini?? He escapes from everything!?

Tweet I swear, my dog is related to Houdini. Regardless of how I try to contain him in his pen/kennel or in the garage he always manages to escape. He is very determined and very smart. Now, before I get attacked with complaints from dog lovers telling me that dogs are people too and that […]

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