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How do you know if it’s time to put your dog down or not?

Tweet Our dog is 12 – 14 years old. She can’t see, can’t hear very well, her back legs slip out from under her, she can’t go down our 3 steps to go out side and go potty, without either jumping, which sounds terrible when she does, she has fallen flat, sounds like it hurts. […]


Items I need in preparation for my new pup ?

Tweet What items would I need in preparation for my new puppy ? I got a list of stuff I made on my own 1) Dog house 2) Dog toys 3) blankets 4)collar 5) Leash 6) Food and Watter bowl 7) Dog food 8) Brush 9) doggy shampoo 10) doggy snacks 11) Good dog food […]


How much would this puppy stuff [possibly] cost?

Tweet So tomorrow i have to buy puppy stuff for my new puppy. i havent got him yet, but these are the supplies im getting.. would it be over 110$ Little puppy bed a cat crate [hes a mini dachshund] collar leash food bowl water bowl toys puppy chow pee-wee pads dog brush dog tooth […]


Arg! Can't get rid of my dogs fleas, pet place refuses to shampoo?

Tweet I have a mixed breed pit bull. She’s as sweet as could be and has been trained to be that way. Because of her breed, no pet-salon will take her to give her a flea dip. Do flea dips even work? My vet wants to charge ! She gets fleas like mad- despite the […]


The Teleporter: Interactive Mini-Adventures!

Tweet Three Chad, Matt & Rob Mini-Adventures, brought to you by Axe! Join Chad, Matt & Rob as they’re pursued by a hostile UFO in search of its lost teleporter. Can YOU keep them alive? Directed by: Tyler Gillett Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Visual Effects: Justin Martinez Written by: Chad Villella Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Rob Polonsky Tyler […]

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