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Dog Runs Through Blizzard Snow

Tweet Hyper little Maggie runs through blizzard snow and than a surprise happens! Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online Blizzard FEMA To Check Blizzard Damage In N.J. To Determine Federal Aid CBS New York – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY


Kittens scared

Tweet Kittens scared of a moving rug. Background music is Hey Julie by Fountains of Wayne Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online US analysts explain how cats and kittens lap liquids with elegance | Niche Volumes Sparkle-licious Acid Green Eyes- Beauty Backup when kittens attack « the paris apartment


Ethyl and the message mat

Tweet This video was made a really long time ago when my brother got a message mat at Canadian Tire because it was cheap in price or something. We noticed that our cat Ethyl is afraid of the vibrations and the sounds it makes. My brother put it under the bed and put Ethyl in […]


Einstein Growls when the Kitchen Rug is picked up

Tweet Einstein doesn’t like the rug in front of the kitchen sink to be picked up. I forgot one day and got this on camera. This is not an aggressive growl, (although it does sound like it!) generally it is a sound they make when nervous. It’s the only way they have of showing us […]


Rachel Kennel runs away from me!

Tweet Rachel Kenne runs away from me! Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online

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