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What kind of cough syrup can dogs have?

Tweet My 2 month old coonhound has kennel cough, the vet gave him some antibiotics. He said i could give him some cough syrup too, but i forgot to ask if it had to contain certain things or what. Is there a certain brand that is safe for puppies? I’ve been taking him in to […]


puppy won’t use pee pads I bought.?

Tweet He pees right in front of me and i say no and put him on the puppy pad. I do this over and over and I thought the pads were supposed to have a scent on them that made puppies and dogs use them. What shoud I do or what am I doing wrong. […]


any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?

Tweet I have a 5 yr old dog whom I would like to crate while I am away from the house. He has issues with peeing and pooping on the floor while we are gone. Even if we take him out just before we leave. Also we would like him to be in there at […]


Fight Cruelty, Save Dogs and Cats Lives – Building an Animal Shelter in Claiborne County

Tweet The Claiborne Animal Shelter is in rural Appalachian Claiborne County Tennessee, We are trying to raise 000 to purchase gates for the dog kennels, cages for the cat rooms, and other items for the animal holding area. We are a 501c3 non- profit organization donations and fundraising are our only source of income. […]


are bleeding hearts regarding puppies and dogs humorous?

Tweet Some common misconceptions. 1) Puppies should not be brought home until 8 weeks of age. FALSE. providing that they have been properly weaned, pups will do fine at 6 weeks of age. research shows that these pups may form an even stronger bond with their new family 2) You should not smack a dog […]

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