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Greenwood Pet Camp Bolivia NC Boarding Kennels Dogs Grooming

Tweet If you’re going away for a while, put your pup in a kennel that cares. Greenwood Pet Camp in Bolivia, North Carolina, is a full service pet boarding company that offers grooming, indoor and outdoor runs, a pet cemetary, and kitty condos. The entire kennel is heated and air conditioned so your pet is […]


Ron’s indoor cage and the Mouse

Tweet Ron primarily now lives in his large outdoor pen, some 700+ sq ft in size, but also has access to this small indoor cage in my living room/bedroom through a PetSafe brand pet door (which he is still just beginning to learn how to use…) Notice how he is ‘cleaning’ his paws and fur… […]


Indoor potty train tray, NUGI-PLUS & reusable pad, NUGI-PAD.2

Tweet Nugi-pad, this video show how to clean Nugi-pad. After dog went on it just rince it at bath tub or laundry tub for 20 seconds then drain water for few more seconds to reuse. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online || Video: Keri Hilson Rocks ‘Tonight Show’ Bathtubs:Enameled Cast Iron Bath Tub Finish: […]

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