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Chris Akin – Reinforcing Basic Obedience Commands –

Tweet From www.sportdog. com – In this SportDOG Training Tip (originally aired on Pheasants Forever TV) SportDOG Senior Pro Staffer Chris Akin walks you through correct reinforcement of basic obedience commands. Using various dog training tools, Chris will show you how to properly train your dog to be field ready. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites […]


How do you get a job at a veterinary clinic?

Tweet Ok so in this economy your simply not going to get hired unless you have experience in the field you apply for. I’ve been thinking, my dad has raised AKC certified labrador hunting dogs, top of the line stuff since i can remember. And since i can remeber, ive helped him give them shots, […]


Giant Schnauzer outside?

Tweet Okay now everyone be patient with me! We own a miniature schnauzer and are looking into getting a giant schnauzer as a companion for a hunting dog we would like to get. But they would be outdoor dogs. We live on a horse farm so we have a end stall that we would use […]


Can anyone help me wih my puppy problems???

Tweet I adopted a puppy (a Tennessee Treeing Mountain Cur) to help my other dog (that I also adopted) come out of her shell however the new puppy is extremely dominant and destructive. She tears up bags of charcoal, potting soil, diggs up the yard chews up shoes she even chewed a hole in my […]


Tom Dokken – Kennel command –

Tweet From – SportDOG Basic Training DVD Chapter 8 SportDOG Brand Senior Pro Staffer Tom Dokken gives tip on teaching your gun dog to kennel using the e-collar reinforcement. This command is important for transporting your hunting dog to and from the field. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online What Type Of Hunting Dog […]

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