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Getting puppy tomorrow, advice?

Tweet Im driving 3.5 hours (granted traffic is good) to get our new boston terrier puppy tomorrow! I am soo anxious! I will be driving by myself and with the puppy on the way home. I dont want to keep her locked in a kennel the whole time (of course I will stop to let […]


How do you know if it’s time to put your dog down or not?

Tweet Our dog is 12 – 14 years old. She can’t see, can’t hear very well, her back legs slip out from under her, she can’t go down our 3 steps to go out side and go potty, without either jumping, which sounds terrible when she does, she has fallen flat, sounds like it hurts. […]


Need help with a Full Blooded Golden Retriever ???

Tweet Heres the problem : My Golden is Hyper Hyper Hyper….His parents seemed to be borderline mean when I purchased this full blooded retriever. A few days ago, my dog chased a boy on a bicycle and the boy jumped off the bike and claimed to have been bit by my dog. The boy had […]


I had a baby and I think my Jack Russell is acting out…?

Tweet I have a 6 year old Jack Russell. She’s always been my baby, but last month I actually had a baby. Libby (the dog) has been great. She sticks close to the baby at all times, when we leave the apartment with the baby she follows us to the door wining like she doesn’t […]


My dog runs away every time let off the chain…?

Tweet My dog (a black lab) is usually hooked up to a chain whenever let out otherwise she takes off running. Also she loves to sneak out the back door whenever someone is trying to go out themselves. We have tried training but it cost money and the trainer worked with our dog not us, […]

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