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How do you know if it’s time to put your dog down or not?

Tweet Our dog is 12 – 14 years old. She can’t see, can’t hear very well, her back legs slip out from under her, she can’t go down our 3 steps to go out side and go potty, without either jumping, which sounds terrible when she does, she has fallen flat, sounds like it hurts. […]


My dog(s) are chewing/eating the walls and now carpet.?

Tweet Just recently my dogs have started a seriously bad habit of chewing/eating the wall. It’s started in one spot of the house and they’ve gone so far as to ripping a hole out of the carpet at that spot. At first I figured it was in just one spot, but now I’ve noticed other […]


Suggestions for getting over this kind of shock?

Tweet Saw an episode of Animal Cops Philadelphia about Puppy-mills recently as well as Animal Planet Investigates: Petland and an episode of Oprah on Puppy-mills. Anyway, having seen these shows I decided to do a background check on my own dog via Google and found out two other people who got dogs from this breeder […]


Has anyone tried training their puppy or dog to use dog litter?

Tweet We are moving to a highrise apartment bldg and would like to set this up on the balcony. We live in the southwest so doing this year round isn’t really an issue. Our idea is to not have a litter box anywhere else except the balcony so he would be trained to go outside […]


Putting a dog to sleep? Can I?

Tweet Several years ago, I volunteered for an animal rescue for short term emergency placements. However, a friend of one of the rescue workers need a month long placement for an aging Pomeranian. The dog’s owners had died and she was aggressive, 10 years old, and only partially house trained. Plus, since her owners death, […]

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