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Rubberized mulch pads for dog run?

Tweet Our back fence butts up to a major road, and our two dogs main hobby in life is to patrol the back fence, barking at people walking on the sidewalk, cars, squirrels, and just about anything else that moves. This involves running up and down the fence line, barking and carrying on. Needless to […]


are bleeding hearts regarding puppies and dogs humorous?

Tweet Some common misconceptions. 1) Puppies should not be brought home until 8 weeks of age. FALSE. providing that they have been properly weaned, pups will do fine at 6 weeks of age. research shows that these pups may form an even stronger bond with their new family 2) You should not smack a dog […]


Heating a Dog Outdoor Dog house?

Tweet I am trying to figure out a solution to heating my dog’s house during the winter. The dog can no longer come inside due to my new roommates allergies. I need a suggestion for a battery powdered heating device that I can mount in the top of his kennel. I can not run power […]


I would like to know what caused my dog's death?

Tweet It’s been about 3 years since it happened and I really never knew why. I will describe to you in details the story. 3 days before my 6yr. old rottweiler Tyson died, I noticed many things. It all started when I walked outside to feed him and he was laying with his head on […]


My Dog Refuses To Potty Train!!! What do I do??

Tweet I adopted my dog from a shelter. She is a year and a half maltese-shih tzu. We have designated a spot in the garage for her to go and have put pee pee pads on the spot. We take her there many times a day and say "go potty." She refuses to go there. […]

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