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How can I get my little rescue dog past her terror?

Tweet I have acquired a beautiful little shih poo mix, as pretty a little thing as you’ve ever seen. She must have been through something horrible, though…she is terrified. Most of the time, she hides under the couch or under the bed. When she does come out, she is wary, and will run when anyone […]


Dogdini?? He escapes from everything!?

Tweet I swear, my dog is related to Houdini. Regardless of how I try to contain him in his pen/kennel or in the garage he always manages to escape. He is very determined and very smart. Now, before I get attacked with complaints from dog lovers telling me that dogs are people too and that […]


Glendale Woodworking – Custom Furniture Style Dog Crate

Tweet Custom, hand crafted, wooden dog crate to be used to fit in with your furniture. Gets rid of the need of the ugly metal or plastic crates. Comes with features such as a top that opens, two side doors, removable bars, and an optional cushioned interior. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online


How can I keep my Jack Russell from rolling around in poo?

Tweet She’s 8 years old and stubborn… doesn’t learn very well, so I figure this will be hard. I have another Russell that’s 3 and he’s never rolled around in any animal’s poo. It’s the second time this week. I’m guessing it’s a cat. I figure if it was the other dog’s then she’d do […]


Examples of our Horse Barns, Run in Sheds, Shelters, Storage Buildings, Furniture, and more!!

Tweet — http — Look at what Byler Barns and Backyards can do for you! We have a wide variety of Horse Barns, Run-in-Sheds, (excellent for 4-H) Dog Kennels, etc. and will be glad to build to your order as well. We also have Vinyl Sided Storage Buildings, Painted Smart Panel (or T1-11) […]

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