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enough room for my dogs?

Tweet i have 4 inside dogs which stay in my room with me bc my mother doesnt let them run around in the house and i dont think my room is big enough for them and my mom said if i get enough room for them then i have to get rid of some of […]


What can I do for a greyhound and Invisible Fence?

Tweet I am pet sitting for a friend that has a greyhound. She got an invisible fence system put in around the perimeter of her property. He hadn’t challenged the border once he got zapped a few times. This makes me sad but it seemed effective. After a few months of his training she felt […]


What to do about a leash aggressive dog?

Tweet So my dog had kennel cough when we got her from the SPCA six years ago. She never got to socialize because it’s contagious and she couldn’t get any other shots until that was cleared up. It went away when she was a year old. Oh, we got her at two months. I love […]


whats your dogs canadian/american kennel club name?

Tweet I’m trying to explain to a customer who is french about picking the name( i dont speak french). i’m going to run them through a translator, but i need some examples for him. so, whats your dogs show name? Other Dog Runs Kennels Resources Blog Dogs #6


What can the Shelter do for me?

Tweet I found the perfect dog an animal shelter. Her name is Lea. I’ve been researching and looking for dogs for more than a year. She’s the perfect dog and I’m not sure if she’ll still be there after vacation. Do you think the shelter can hold her for me while I’m gone? I don’t […]

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