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If my dog is on a leash and another dog runs up to mine and tries to bite I am not at fault right?

Tweet I was walking my Rottweiler and this little bulldog runs up and tries to bite my rotts leg after sniffing him for a while. My rott gave a warning nip in the air first..then the dog tried to bite again so my Rott picked up the dog in the air with his teeth and […]


“Magic Carp-pet” – Rug Design by CHC

Tweet The magical rug literally animates!! When the rug is viewed through the specially designed glass coffee table, an animation of carp appears through a moire effect providing a surprise element of natural liveliness to the interior. The graphic apparition, replacing the traditional fish tank, is also a nod to the decreasing abundance of our […]


Learn English – I Am

Tweet Learn English the fun way using animated videos to help you understand the right usage of the pronoun ‘I’ and the word ‘Am’. ‘Am’ is always used with I. Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online Learn English – Animal Vocabulary (Hebrew version) – Teelanovela Magazine Grammar for Grownups: Noun & Pronoun Cases, Part 2 […]


What was your agenda today??

Tweet Mine was up at 4:45 am, make breakfast watch the news, coffee, clean, shower, walk my dogs, feed my dogs, put my dogs in their outdoor kennel. Be on my way to my awsome high school even though the stars and moon are still out. Then come home watch oprah with my Doberman on […]

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