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For those who never crate trained their puppies, how did you potty train?

Tweet My dog (7 mo old Shih Tzu)is crate trained and trained to potty outside (somewhat) We still have accidents due to my timing. Anyway, I was considering letting him roam around at least at night to cut down on the 3 am barking and crying to get out of the crate. he has severe […]


house training help for a adult dog?

Tweet we are about to move ,, now we have hard wood floors and my 2 yr old terry mix has accidents,, and sometimes wets through her puppy pads.. the new house has carpet and I can’t take a chance with her having accidents,, is there any thing I can do to help her through […]


How do I crate train my 2 puppies?

Tweet We have 2 mini Dachshund/Chihuahua sisters. They are a 9 weeks old and are used to sleeping together. We have had them for a week now and they are used to sleeping in the kitchen. There has been a little bit of whining during the nights when we put them to bed, but I […]


My dog Bobby licking carpet

Tweet My dog Bobby is licking carpet. For those of you who know me, this must be hysterical! Other Dog Runs Kennels Sites Online


Potty Training my Papillon dog?

Tweet I have a probably 2-3 year old male papillon. He came to me by accident, he was a stray, he’s a full-breed, beautiful and a wonderful personality. However, I just moved to a new apartment and I can’t get him to stop peeing and pooping on my carpet. I know all of the standard […]

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