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Vicious Bull breed dog? (20 Characters)?

Tweet While I was away at work, my so called "friend" wrote me a note and put it on my front door saying "Kelcie- I’m going on a 3 week vacation. Dogs not allowed, figured you could watch them. Pay you when I get back. Thanks" They didn’t even give me a heads up or […]


Dog Training – Using sidewalks to teach your dog.

Tweet This is a sidewalk drill that I use in some of my initial training to teach my Labrador Retrievers to run straight. This video also shows the dogs ability to move away from us from a remote position. This drill can be used in the beginning phases of teaching a dog for a […]


If my dog is on a leash and another dog runs up to mine and tries to bite I am not at fault right?

Tweet I was walking my Rottweiler and this little bulldog runs up and tries to bite my rotts leg after sniffing him for a while. My rott gave a warning nip in the air first..then the dog tried to bite again so my Rott picked up the dog in the air with his teeth and […]


My Dog Only Limps Sometimes, and I Don't know if because of is Breed it Could be Thyroid disease Or What?

Tweet My Dog (American Bulldog, who weighs 80lbs. @ 6 mnths old) Has been limping around the house for a couple days, after he ran into the side of his kennel, He walks and even runs Fine sometimes, But after a while it seems sore again. I dont think its broke or anything because he […]


What are the chances of an 8 year old getting a story published?

Tweet Hello, I’m eight now but I’ll be nine in May 2009. I am writing a book about the life of a dog. It is called "The diary of a Jack Russell Terrier" Here is a bit of it: Rats! Lola the Poodle has just been adopted. It’s not fair! Lola has only been here […]

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