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www.k9kennelstore.com 877-527-3455 k9kennelstore.com Great for letting kids feed the family pets without a chance of them escaping and running off. This swivel bowl feeding system is useful for breeders, humane organizations and Veterinarians where entering the kennel with an unfriendly dog can be a safety problem.This is also a great time saver. This system can be installed at time of kennel purchase or installed yourself by simply cutting the wires on the kennel and mounting the swivel food and water set. * Pre installed at time of kennel purchase * Bolts to the kennel wires using a metal frame * Door Un-pins and swings open * Easy to fill the food and water bowls * Swing shut and latch * Two 64oz stainless steel bowls included * Mounting hardware are included. The K9 Expanded Metal Kennel Series isn’t just another dog kennel. With available features like our exclusive Digging Prevention System, our water-proof canvas tops, elevated food bowls and more; the K9 Series is a new way of life for your dog. You aren’t being left out though, we’ve made it as easy as a snap to assemble! Just five minutes with no tools required! The dog run is also completely modular meaning you can change the shape and size of your kennel at any point to adapt to your changing needs. These dog runs are not made of chain-link either, instead it’s welded steel construction which utilizes an expanded metal mesh to ensure your dog can’t climb or chew out. This kennel is also powder coated with a

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