Springer Spaniel owners please read?

Not sure why this bothers me so much but my friend has a two year old spaniel and the only time it is out of a small cage is when she is in the apartment with it, anytime she leaves, it goes into the cage. She does not walk it as it is too rambunctious and it would pull off a lease, it barks all the time and it really bothers me that having a dog confines you that much. She cannot have company as the dog would jump on people or be so rough, she would have to cage it again. I mean I thought having an animal was supposed to be fun. She works 8-10 hours a day and it sleep in a small animal kennel till she gets home. It bothers me cause I think it is cruelty to animals. Is that how it is will all you spaniel owners out there?

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5 Responses to “Springer Spaniel owners please read?”

  1. cloverivy says:

    Springers are high energy sporting dogs, who do not do well in crates. Ask your friend to look into "doggie daycares" in your area, or perhaps have a friend walk the dog, and play with it. My Springer is 3, and I can’t imagine her being contained in a small area.

  2. Linda P says:

    This poor little guy needs another owner who can give him the freedom and exercise he desperately needs. It’s unfair to the dog to keep it in a cage all day long and in my opinion it’s too long of a period of time (ten hours) I know how springers are cause I have two of them. He’s got a lonely life in that cage. Try to convince her that it would be in the dog’s best interest to give him to a family that is home more. Sorry…..

  3. aliens_on_tuesday says:

    I demand you put a stop to her.

  4. smurf says:

    Your friend’s dog is not "normal". It sounds like your friend is spending enough time with the dog and therefore when it is out it is trying to burn up all the energy it has balled up and possibly it is not well socialized.

    Owning or being owned by a dog can be quite rewarding..but you get what you put into it. Dogs need to be socialized, need playtime (with huamsn and other dogs) and exercise for the body and their minds. They need this constantly throughout their life, just like humans.

    As for the leash thing…if your friend put time into walking the dog and obedience classes and loose leash walking, the dog would learn how to walk on a leash nicely. But the human needs to work with the dog to learn it..it doesn’t happen naturally. Suggest to your friend if they don’t have time for the dog, to find it a forever home where the dog can interact with humans and dogs regularly, get walks, dog park play time, and romps around the house and neighborhood.

  5. walkinglady says:

    Obviously your friend has no business in the world having a dog!! She apparently doesn’t even have the knowledge to teach this poor dog basic manners or leash training. Whoever sold her this dog certainly didn’t do any checking into the type of person they were selling their puppy to. By the way, having a dog doesn’t confine you that much – your friend is irresponsible and lazy and does not deserve this dog.

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