Siberian husky Massage?

I have a Siberian Husky, and my family laughs themselves to tears when I pet him.
He has a very……exited…habit of running up and down the halls when i bring him
in from the kennel. If i pet him on is chest, belly, behind his ears, and on the sides and top of his head his eyes roll back and he lets his tongue loll out the side of his mouth. He’s adorable, and he seems to enjoy that much more than other dogs. i saw an episode of animal planet’s "it’s me or the dog", and there was a rather rambunctious Husky on that episode, and they said it was a "stress reliever?" that dog did the same thing mine dose. Is it just that breed? What could you tell me about this?

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    One Response to “Siberian husky Massage?”

    1. Naysaツ says:

      Most dogs love massages, especially works well those who tend to get a tad too excited, but also good for the golden years, sore muscles, recovering animals… the list go’s on. Much like people its a relaxer.
      The tongue thing may be the breed, never had any of mine roll the tongue out, mine just very gradually slump down to the floor (slow motion lol)

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