Should I get an American Pitbull Terrier?

I would like to get a puppy. I wan companionship, and something to keep me more busy, like a distraction. I love animals and have owned 8 dogs in my lifetime. I have owned an APBT before. I already have a good veterinarian.I am planning on keeping him/ her indoors most of the time, and play with him/her outside during the day time. I plan on going to my neighborhood park for a 2 mile walk in the morning, and once again in the evening. I do not have the biggest backyard in the world but I feel it is large enough to play. Pictures:

I also have the option of making him/her an outside dog. I have a tall wooden fence, I would purchase locks for the gates to prevent anyone from stealing my APBT. I also have an area in the back where I can build a kennel to keep him or her when we are not home (which is rarely ever somebody is always home being that my mother does not work and we are a family of six). This kennel will have shade, i am planning on getting one of these:

And cleaning up this area and put it here:

I absolutely fell in love with this breed when I owned one, and every one I have met is always very pleasant. I feel I have the time and money to dedicate to my companion. I understand how important training is to get the most out of this wonderful breed. Do you think I should get one? Also would it be better to make him or her an inside or outside dog?
Yes at least four of my dogs have been rescues, including my previous APBT. My local shelter has plenty of APBT puppies, I really would just like a puppy for training reasons.

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    4 Responses to “Should I get an American Pitbull Terrier?”

    1. Shay B says:

      ABSOLUTELY. I feel as though a pit bull is 1 of the best dogs to own. I have owned 2 and still have 1 now. They are such a gentle and loving breed. All they want to do is please they’re owner. And by the sounds of it u seem 2 have the perfect set up to get one. Having owned 1 before u should know that they are usually a very high energy breed…….so th 2 mile walk – excellent & it doesn’t matter 2 much that ur yard isn’t a big 1 because it’ll get most of its much needed exersise from walking in the park on a daily basis. As for making it a inside or outside dog why not do a little bit of both? During nicer weather the dog could stay outside a little more. But if u want 2 pick just 1 i’d go with inside, because it will be getting the exersise and stimulation it needs daily from the walks in the park. I wish there were more people like u who understand the breed & know that they are not the vicious killers they are so very often made out 2 be. The way ANY dog turns out is all in how they are treated, making people 2 blame not them. So YES YES YES!!!! Please do go for it and give he/she a happy home.

    2. FidosCityGuide says:

      Pit Bulls really are not built to live outdoors, they have very short coats and are generally much happier indoors.

      Sounds like a very nice home for a dog. Rather than getting a puppy have you considered adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue.? There are so many Pit Bulls out there that really need good homes. When you rescue a dog you save two dogs, the one you adopt and the one you have made room for.

    3. Ella's Mom says:

      APBT are short haired dogs and should NOT be kept outdoors. For one they can not handle lower temps and second they are highly social dogs and would not do well outside all of the time. They are pack animals and deserve to be with their pack – inside.

      Make sure to get the dog fixed, there are enough unwanted pit bulls in the world already.

      I have an APBT and they are a special breed and are not for everyone.

    4. .:Nikkie ✩ says:

      That sounds fine for the dog, and as long as the rest of your family is okay with it, go ahead.

      I would not recommend any dog be kept outdoors though – Unless the dog is UNcomfortable indoors (ie. Some Great Pyrenees would rather be outside), in which case your Pit Bull will be happier indoors.

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