Should I adopt a deaf PITT BULL?

He is about 2 years old, He needs to be trained, he is not dog aggresive or human aggresive. He’s like any other deaf dog when it comes to someone just grabbing him or petting him he gets scared. Will training him to except someone petting him work?. Would there be a problem for boarding him if I needed to go out of town? At one time he was so scared he stayed in his kennel for 1 months and would not come out. That was in the shelter. Can he become a sociable dog or will he always be a shy scared dog? Should I go for another dog? I’ve had two other foster pitt bulls and I just love the breed and this one is over the top with kisses and belly rubs. He is also an albino with the most soft blue eyes you have ever seen. His trainer keeps telling me he will become a great dog. but she wants me to adopt him. If anyone has experaince with deaf Pitt Bulls, I would like to chat with you. Thanks

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9 Responses to “Should I adopt a deaf PITT BULL?”

  1. Alexis * says:

    yes, i think you should adopt him. i think u would be a great owner and having a deaf dog is the same as one that can hear. no, it wouldn’t be a problem boarding him or you could always get a dog sitter come in while you went away on trips. i work at a vet and do dog sitting. i’ve took care of deaf dogs and they are the same. i also have 3 pits. i love the breed also…well good luck! and hopefully you will go ahead and get him. and btw he will be a great dog when he knows that he has a good home and great owner like you.

  2. a pariah says:

    You should if you’re willing to commit to training him, that’d be great! Dogs with any disabilities tend to have a hard time getting adopted, so you’d be doing a great thing.

    Yes, socializing him and giving him treats when you gently start petting him without catching his attention first should make him okay with that.. There shouldn’t be a problem boarding him, but I can’t tell you for sure. You could try fostering him to see if he’s a fit, and then adopting if it works out.

    I don’t have experience with deaf dogs, but there are some good websites if you google it. "training deaf dogs"

    Good for you.

  3. neonlights1971 says:

    How old is the dog? and honestly what do you know about the way this dog was raised before you getting him?? I don’t know what to say, its a tuff call!! GOOD LUCK

  4. ladywolf_dragon says:

    Deaf dogs always need people to help them.

    Don’t listen to people who say Pits are "known" to be aggressive. All dogs can be aggressive, not just certain breeds. In fact, if not trained to be aggressive, the American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the LEAST aggressive dogs out there.

    As long as you don’t purposely surprise him. he’ll be fine. Just keep going to his trainer and working with him. He will eventually be a wonderful dog, with work.

  5. McShane Star says:

    If you really want him u should get him but you need to decide if you have enough time to train him and play with him so he becomes more sociable and doesnt get scared when u pet him and stuff like that and if your going away soon then you should wait until you get back and then adopt him or if u need to get him now leave him with someone you trust because I dont think boarding him would be a good idea for a new deaf dog

  6. Love Is a TeaPot Poodle says:

    deaf dogs are just like regular dogs.
    but you can use sign language to get through to them, as we do with dogs that can hear, pat floor for down, motion hands torwards you to come, hand out for paw etc. etc.
    i dont see how a deaf pitt bull would be diffrent then any other dog besides the fact that he cannot hear,
    deffinelty go for it you will be saving his life =]

  7. glamourjunkie says:

    What harsh luck on what I’m sure is a great and loving animal! Since you already have experience with the breed, why don’t you try adopting him? Talk to an experienced trainer or try to find some reading material on the subject of training/living with deaf animals. It sounds like you could make a great home for this animal if you give him a chance.

  8. Kay89 says:

    pitt bulls are known to be aggressive… but they are not as bad as people think.

    all I can say is, everyone (and everything) deserves a second chance.

    And, while you don’t want to put him back in a shelter… if it doesn’t work out, that is always an option.

    good luck, thanks for being so kind and going for adoption!

  9. Marette P says:

    My experience is that at about 2 yrs old you really start to see if a dog is going to get aggressive or not. Until then they’re in that puppy stage and just "happy go lucky." Adopted a staffordshire bull terrier mix and he was the gentlest dog I ever had. A deaf dog is a whole different ballgame. Also, townships have begun to outlaw pitt bulls and other larger breeds. Are there children around? I knew a town’s dog warden whose home owners insurance was being cancelled because he had a doberman dog, no bites, etc, just the breed. Call kennels and ask their policy on big breeds. Also the law puts liability on apartment complex owners, not the dog’s owner only, for the dog’s bites, thus apartments don’t take large dogs anymore. Lots of problems with larger dogs, do your homework. My Dad’s homeowners insurance questioned him on my 11 yr old lab – was he dangerous?

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