Settle on Mat: Puppy Clicker Training Today we also worked on calm settle on the mat. Twix has a choice and is allowed to get up, but he chooses to stay on the mat. I was also rewarding him frequently for staying there. I was also making sure that Bandit being Bandit will not bother him. I want him to learn to be calm around my dogs and work around them. He is going to fit in so perfectly with our family! Take care, Pam & Twixer

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25 Responses to “Settle on Mat: Puppy Clicker Training”

  1. Starbucks18902 says:

    @pamelamarxsen thanks for the tips!

  2. pamelamarxsen says:

    @Starbucks18902 However, if your dog is not fearful of things at all then a settle on the floor would be fine.

  3. pamelamarxsen says:

    @Starbucks18902 No, but it really can be a source of security in an unfamiliar environment. One time I went to get an oil change in my jeep and they needed to keep it over night for something else. I had Bandit and his mat. They pulled up with the rental car and Bandit would NOT get in it. I refuse to force my dogs to do anything. So, I put the mat on the floor in the car and Bandit jumped right in. So, the mat has actually helped him and his fears a lot!!!

  4. Starbucks18902 says:

    @pamelamarxsen so if ur going somewhere with your dog, u have to bring your mat everywhere u go?

  5. pamelamarxsen says:

    @Starbucks18902 Well, I am teaching him that being calm on a mat is a good thing. There are many times that I need my dogs calm and settled (when I am at a coffee shop, at an agility trial, when watching TV, cooking dinner, etc). If the dog is conditioned to love the mat, and be calm, you can use the mat for when company comes over, etc…

  6. Starbucks18902 says:

    Why are you teaching Twix to settle on the mat? I’m getting a Boston Terrier soon and I want to learn everything about dogs and training them. I’m learning for you and Zak George’s videos.

  7. newbear95 says:

    Great proofing video!

  8. pamelamarxsen says:

    @azmauigirl I use a kissy noise…

  9. MultiAnimalcrackers says:

    @pamelamarxsen Thats fantastic, puppies are hard work, but oh so much fun working with…such fantastic sponges absorbing it all in…its lovely to watch his progression…i love that you are doing lots of calming exercises with him. he is going to be one super dog:))) excellent work:)))

  10. azmauigirl says:

    Question: What do you use as a positive interrupter?

  11. kikopup says:

    Amazing! That pup is going to be a star! Already is. I have been doing similar things with Tug and while I throw the frisbee for Splash, a nice calm settle, and Tug still adores his own time when he gets to play frisbee while Splash settles 🙂

  12. pamelamarxsen says:

    @MultiAnimalcrackers BTW, everything is supervised!!! I do not want to take any chances! I want all positive experiences! I am watching body language like a crazy lady! hehe! So far I am very pleased at how every one is getting along and the house is in harmony! So far it has just been a blast! Every minute of it!

  13. pamelamarxsen says:

    @MultiAnimalcrackers Thanks Kath. I have been using the positive interrupter to mean stop what you are doing and look at me. I give treats for them stopping and paying attention to me. I have been conditioning it with Twix. Bandit and Twix will be best buddies as they have similar interests. MUST PLAY WITH TOYS! Isabelle likes to wrestle and Bandit will at times, but would much rather play with toys and me. I have also been working with them individually but together taking turns. 🙂

  14. pamelamarxsen says:

    @bravescatz I am trying to video log every training session, but I catch myself working with him a lot with out the camera on. I am trying as I want to help others raise wonderful puppies. The other dogs are fine with him. Isabelle does not like it much when he bounces around her, but it is teaching the pup to keep his distance when she is resting. Bandit thinks that the pup is his play mate and will toss him toys from his mouth. Too CUTE! I will have video up soon.

  15. diaml says:

    Twix is such a cutie pie! And brilliant as well!

  16. bravescatz says:

    If you video Twix training 24/7 I’ll be happy. I want a puppy one day, never had a young puppy. I’ll need to know what all to do right. He is so cute. How is he being accepted?

  17. MultiAnimalcrackers says:

    @pamelamarxsen You know your dog, so you know what is right for you. Think i let mine play & interact with the others supervised & briefly, so that they could practice communicating with one another but then they were gentle players. From these first play sessions i stepped in and started to learn them STOP. The pup was never left on its own with them and i did lots of individual work, with the others getting rewarded for waiting, then the pup was encouraged to wait its turn, rewarded regular.

  18. pamelamarxsen says:

    @Rickyagility Well, I had a lot of over arousal issues with my other BC Bandit and he is 3 and pretty calm. 🙂 So, I am working on calm behaviors first with the puppy, so that calm is his default behavior. When he is not working, he is calm. 🙂 Well, that is my intention. hehe! After all he is still a Border Collie and he will be an agility/Canine Freestyle dog. So, I do want speed and energy, I just want it controlled. 🙂

  19. pamelamarxsen says:

    @watchmoivies123 No, Bandit is neutered. Bummer! I think that Bandit and Splash would have had the most amazing puppies!

  20. Rickyagility says:

    Twix is a very fast learner! There is so much to teach a puppy. How are you deciding what to work on first?

  21. chihuahuabulldog says:

    Twix! I didn’t watch the videos yesterday. I started with today’s first. I thought you named him Zoom. I guess I’ll see if there is an older one that says how you got the name. I can’t believe that pup staying calm with Bandit running around. He must have a very good teacher!!!!

  22. watchmoivies123 says:

    Very cute pup! Is this your males son?

  23. azmauigirl says:

    Another important video to show others. I keep feeling that I need to get out my thesaurus because I am saying the same thing about your videos, but they are all great! And so appreciated!

    Love the name “Twix”! I always am fascinated at the names, reason, and meanings of names the people give their pets. I think it can make a difference.

  24. dalmarie23 says:

    Awesome :)))

  25. tehrenberg says:

    It’s so good to show people how well they do at this age, and how important it is to work on this stuff right away. . . and I love that he has a left side part in his hair.

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