Saline Creek Kennels

We train coondogs in Louisiana. Three, four month old Treeing Walker puppies seeing a live coon for the first time with Shannon Barbo.

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9 Responses to “Saline Creek Kennels”

  1. Lrocjc says:

    I’m from LA also and I like hunting coons with my friends. They also taste good.

  2. cultusdeus says:

    I’m a bi-vocational missionary whom the Good Lord led overseas to serve. But I grew up in East Texas hunting. Sure is good to watch again.

  3. Kbacewic says:

    wen should i start my pup shes a 9 week old walker i dont wanna burn her out so wen would u say i should start

  4. CountryKyle007 says:

    Does it hurt whein it bites yer hand like that lol

  5. oneofakindfrom86 says:


  6. stayingup2late says:

    he was doing ok until he started stringing the kitten up in the air and walking along with him. no need for that

  7. herdndogs says:

    Poor tormented kitten 🙁

  8. hubbars5 says:

    Interesting method with the coon on a leash. That glove must a tough son of a gun. Nice looking pups.

  9. COONHUNTER9 says:

    any of those hounds for sale

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