Rough white patch on dog's paw pad?

A few days ago, my dog started slightly limping and licking his paw pad. I looked at it, and it as a small white rough patch. He does not seem too bothered by it, but he does tend to try to keep weight off that paw and raises it occasionally as he sits or stands. He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, since its been a few days and it doesn’t seem to improve, but I just wanted to know if anyone knows what it could be. I thought it was a cut at first, but I feel like for a cut, it should be feeling better after a few days.

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    One Response to “Rough white patch on dog's paw pad?”

    1. Kirsten says:

      It may be white from him licking it.

      If there is a superficial injury to the surface of the pad, you can treat it with a pad toughener like Tuf-Foot. You can find this or a similar product at sporting goods stores such as Bass Pro. It has a mildly antiseptic quality in addition to stimulating the dog to grow thicker pads.

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