Roommate's dog HELP ME PLEASE!?

I live with two very close friends of mine as well as my cat and their pug. The most terrible thing my cat does is jump on the window ceil and scratch at things.

Their dog has ruined:
My Senior Yearbook
My black heels
3 of my eight dollar lipgloss (i had to buy it 3 times, she went in my purse 3 times and ate them)
every tube of chapstick Ive ever owned
A good majority of my underwear
My Pepper spray case

etc etc etc This dog owes me a lot of money. I woke up this morning and the whole house was a mess. She knocked the kitchen garbage can over and dragged garbage out as well as Ketchup that is all over our apartment carpet. She tore up tampons and toilet paper from the bathroom garbage can and spread it all over the house.

I’m getting really fed up, she gets away with everything because she’s cute. I do like her, generally she’s a sweet dog but when we go to bed at night she recks havok. My roomates used to crate her at night when she was younger but now she roams freely. She always has a really bad problem with mistaking my bed comforter as her pee pad and defecates on it all the time which makes me have to tote my huge comforter to our laundry center and shove it in their tiny washers and save up my quarters just to wash the thing.

Help?!?! I want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I can’t put anything anywhere anymore. I’m so aggravated.
I do close my door at night. My cat and I sleep in there and the door jumps on tables and book shelves and drags things to the floor. Including my purse.

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5 Responses to “Roommate's dog HELP ME PLEASE!?”

  1. Deb says:

    Not the dogs fault, the owners of the dog are at fault here for not helping the dog to expend energy through daily walks.
    Here you have a dog with energy, not getting enough exercise and then forced to find ways on its own to expend energy. When dogs are not exercised, they find ways like excessive barking, running and jumping on everything and everyone, tearing things up, etc.

    Its like expecting small children to sit quietly on a couch all day, yeah right.

    Dogs need daily walks. This size dog can handle 15-30 minutes twice a day. This is necessary to help him or he will continue to find ways to use his energy. He can’t help it. Blame the owners. And they owe you for the destroyed items.

    Help the dog and you help yourself. Nothing else will work, he must be exercised.

  2. curious says:

    You guys need take better precautions. You should not have your things wear the dog can reach them – common sense. Keep your purse on the counter, keep your bedroom door closed, put a lid on the bathroom trash can or keep the bathroom door closed, put the kitchen garbage where she can’t reach it or put a bungee cord around it so she can’t knock it over, keep your dirty underwear in a hamper in your room w/ your door closed. Whenever you have a pet or a baby, you have to change the way you live, you have to be thinking about what could they get into. I’m sure your roommates get irritated w/ your cat too. This is not the dogs problem (she’s just being a dog), it’s yours, you need to learn to take care of things differently.

  3. grand lake bum says:

    Get that piece of crap dog out of the house! If not, the only solution is to move out. I bet it smells really nice in there. (give it a bowl of antifreeze)

  4. nini_2323 says:

    That dog is bored lol…If I were you I would "voluteer" to take her for a very long walk before bed time. It might be a hassle but believe after losing I dunno 20-25 pairs of shoes I finally figured out that tired dogs don’t chew stuff up lol. Also we give our dogs raw hide rolls right before we go to bed and they usually chew them until they fall asleep.

  5. eliz356 says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have moved in with some people who have an out of control dog. It’s YOUR fault. Maybe you should also consider closing the door to your room. You are a genius.

    Then how can it pee on your bed if your door is closed? Guess what it can’t! The dog is not at fault you are for letting the dog get to your things and your roommates are for not training their dog!

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