Road Trip with Beagle?

We are going on a 13 hour road trip to visit family out of state and want to bring our beagle. He has never been in the car for an extended period of time before and I’m unsure what to expect. We have a Dodge Grand Caravan with bucket seats and stow n go. I mention this because I want to know what is the best way to travel with him.. I have three kids so the oldest two are in the back with carseats and the youngest is in a carseat in one of the front bucket seats. Now should I keep one bucket seat stowed away and buy some sort of cage (he is not kennel trained) to keep him in or should I keep the seat up and get some sort of harness?? I want him to be as comfortable as possible and also keep him safe. We of course will be stopping a lot to let the kids and the dog strech their legs and go potty. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Oh, also he is about 40lbs if that helps! Thanks!

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    5 Responses to “Road Trip with Beagle?”

    1. Brooke K says:

      Let the dog wonder around or sit in your lap. That is where he will be most comfortable. If you do not want to do that keep him in the seat with the harness because it can be very stressful in a crate when not trained.

    2. Berner Lover says:

      I would say the safest way is to get a crate and allow him to sleep in that at the rear of the vehicle.
      Make sure you have some form of blanket for him to sleep on and maybe a few chew toys, though most dogs tend to sleep when in cars.

      I have travelled with my dog and he sleeps until we stop for food and walk break.
      I also have a non spill water bowl in the back for him.

      EDIT: Don’t allow the dog to wander around or sit on anyones lap, a moving dog can be a nightmare of a distraction to the driver and can cause an accident it the dog is moving about.
      Also if you do have an accident then the dog needs to be secure otherwise it may end up travelling through the windscreen, not a pretty sight or thought.
      Make sure the dog is secure, you wouldn’t allow a child travelling in a car with no seatbelt. This is in response to someonhe elses comment.

    3. Judgerz (Again) says:

      Woah, you’ve got a big beagle if he’s 40lbs.

      Crate would be the safest way to go, but since he’s not crate trained it’s not a good choice with a beagle… I don’t know how yours would react, but my beagle would freak out. You can buy a dog safety harness at a petshop, I’ll look it up in a sec, which would probably be the best option. It’s going to get a little wild while he tries to get around and look out the window, but after a while they calm down and last through the trip. Good luck.

    4. kayshort789 says:

      IF you go to walmart or pet store they have doggy seat belts. You could get one of those and hook him in….

    5. ♥ Howlarious ♥ says:

      you could do a harness if he’s not kennel trained, but the bucket seat might not be big enough.

      i dont think he’d have too much trouble in a travel kennel as long as it’s comfortable. add a blanket or dog pillow, and some toys.
      perhaps take a few days to get him used to a kennel by allowing him to sniff it out, place a blanket in it and give him treats while he’s inside. then shut the door and give him a few more treats while he’s inside it.

      you can even do a couple of trips around the block with him in it to get him used to it.
      a kennel would be best in the very back of your vehicle.

      travel kennels:


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