Removing Pet Urine and heavy soiling from a Rental Home

Carpet has been Pre-Treated with our Pre Spray detergent and urine remover (Sanatize-Neutralize-De Odourize) Extracted with Truck Mount and Prochem Quad Wand ( Slide-less as I did not have it at that stage ) 19Hg Vacuum and 95ºC Hotwater. I will admit this is a Nylon Carpet and they usually clean up really well, I cant stress though you need lots of Dry passes to avoid wicking from HWE. Any question comments are welcome, but if you tell me I am over wetting and bla bla bla I will not tolerate that as I have the Power to Remove all the excess moisture you may Not be able to. Andrew Any Further Information Should be found at there you will find the BEST information on Carpet and Upholstery on the Net to date! Excuse My humour in the Video, I do believe as I am passionate about my Method that No other method will get it that Clean. Especially a Buffer ;p Andrew

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3 Responses to “Removing Pet Urine and heavy soiling from a Rental Home”

  1. deuxchem says:

    I use Prochem too. Ultra Pac boosted with Oxy Plus and Citrus Pro. How do you like to apply your pre-spray? Do you use a pump sprayer or Hydro-Force? I am relatively new to cleaning. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Best of Luck!

  2. tcsdlm says:

    @deuxchem Thanks for your Comment, we use the Prochem Range of Chemicals, and the Truckmount set at 500 – 600 PSI @ 90ºC Water.

  3. deuxchem says:

    What are you using for prespray?

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