Recommendations for "indestructible" crates?

I have 3 dogs, a five year old Pit Bull, a two year old Siberian husky, and a 7 month old Australian Shepherd mix. The husky and shepherd have been crate trained since they were puppies, and the pit bull was rescued at age 2, and has since been crate trained.
The problem is that when we leave for any amount of time, the dogs try to escape their cages. We are usually gone a maximum of two hours, but have found them escaped within ten minutes. Between the two adult dogs, they have destroyed 3 of the large sized plastic kennels. The doors have been ripped off, the plastic has been eaten and broken off, and the bolts have been loosened. Our pit bull has extreme seperation anxiety, as we very rarely leave, which is the cause for her destruction, and the husky simply opens the door and sleeps in the cage, which is probably the most baffling.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a sturdier cage? We’ve found an enclosed steel cage, but they seem so confined and small, for nearly 0.

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5 Responses to “Recommendations for "indestructible" crates?”

  1. DeeDawg says:

    i agree with Bindi- definitely feed them in the crates, and sometimes just put them in there for a little while, and give them a cookie for being in there.

    dogs who have learned to escape will keep doing it forever.
    i had a pup i seized back from bad owners who learned to break the welds on wire crates- and plastic ones were easy to escape, as they’re APBT’s- born to chew and grip!

    there are cheaper steel crates you can get, but that’s definitely the way to go. once they learn that they cannot escape, and you are feeding them in the crates, they may settle down.

    some owners decide to build a nice concrete- bottomed chain link kennel (with a top) in the backyard, as opposed to crating, because some dogs are happier in there. i have two that prefer the kennel.

  2. ξBindi§ says:

    Have you tried a wire crate? My lab won’t go near a plastic crate, but absolutely loves his wire crate.

    Also make them a good place to be. Feed their meals in the crates, give them super yummy food in the crates, and give them a stuffed Kong when you leave.

    You should also crate them at random times so they don’t go Crap I’m going in the crate now everyone is leaving.

  3. Annie says:

    You should get some type of metal cage….and if they are chewing their way through, get some apple bitter at a pet store. You spray it on the surface they are chewing and it makes it taste bad and they shouldn’t want to chew it anymore. Hope I could help! 🙂

  4. Eno says:

    lol you have some smart dogs there. Mine unbolt their crates or just pull down the flaps and I find them just waiting by the door for me when I get back home. I don’t know why they stopped making crates with steel bases. The plastic just gets chewed. If you find a decent studier cage with a solid base please let me know.

  5. K9Resqer says:

    I use wire crates for my huskies and foster huskies. I reinforce all the sides and corners with plastic zip ties so they can’t dismantle the crates. And I use clips from broken leashes to reinforce the doors. I still occasionally have an escapee, but usually it’s because I forgot to clip all the clips on the door – some dogs require 3 clips on their doors.

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