Rarest Dog Breeds- Top 10

A video on the top 10 rarest dog breeds. The audio is also used in another video of mine. For more information on dog breeds, visit the Dog Breed Information Channel (my channel).

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25 Responses to “Rarest Dog Breeds- Top 10”

  1. p3tterxD says:

    i actually have a stabyhound 😀 it’s a very good breed, he’s very playful and smart:D

  2. Vingheia says:

    What’s the breed you put in between the Norwegian Lundehund (Puffindog) and number 6? At about 0:52. ‘Cause that’s not a lundie…

  3. Vingheia says:

    What’s the breed you put in between the Norwegian Lundehund (Puffindog) and number 6? At about 0:52. ‘Cause that’s not a lundie…

  4. MrCrazykidz9 says:

    Whats the song? i may have heard it in a little old sims on the ps2 when changing clothes :O

  5. Mill6100 says:

    the rarest dog i have ever seen was a munsterlander!

  6. RockabillyKennels says:

    @efoberox Not saying te breed is not beautiful, i do however not like a dog of any breed showing so many bones especially backbone

  7. efoberox says:

    i think that the azawakh is beautiful in an amazing way

  8. RockabillyKennels says:

    Who esle wants to fatten up the AZAWAKH

  9. KINGDOODonCP says:

    i have 4 dogs 2 english pointers, 1 miniature pincher, and 1 I THINK RARE ~ jack russel and chihuahua mix and she looks like a husky but shes rly small lol

  10. UFCLegit says:

    @LOLskiesLOL its probably not a chinook but something that looks like a chinook

  11. LOLskiesLOL says:

    Wow, I have a chinook, I think?
    I still can’t tell…

  12. nicanicabad says:

    I know a stabyhoun–a beautiful dog breed!

  13. vaughan4082 says:

    azawakh waw greyhound on steroids!!

  14. FreshSteeze188 says:

    @countryjumpingqueen9 I heard that too

  15. FreshSteeze188 says:

    @countryjumpingqueen9 I heard that too

  16. ilovepiano1299 says:

    number 4 is HUGE!!!!

  17. Dman31619 says:

    i thought the rarest was the glen of imaal terrier

  18. countryjumpingqueen9 says:

    I heard the rarest breed is a New Guinea Singing Dog

  19. bookador says:

    why didnt u put in a lithuanian hound their very rare!

  20. Zaper692 says:

    red wolf is a dog, african wild dog is a dog, melanistic fox is a dog

  21. CelticKnight7758 says:

    The Carolina dog isnt native to the U.S. Itr descended from the domestic dogs brought here. They went wild and as a result qesemble the dingo which also has same history. That is why they look basicaly the same.

  22. CelticKnight7758 says:

    I have a Tibetan Mastiff named Nessie. They are not for everyone. The European bloodlines are more docile but the true TM from Tibet tend to be a bit more wild in nature. Mine comes from the Tibetan bloodline n even tho a pup is fearless when she senses a threat.

  23. pantarhei75 says:

    Tibetan mastiff the 5. rarest breed ? There are great numbers of entries in shows in France and other european countries.

  24. DrkingFinn says:

    Are these rare dogs in the UK? because here in the Netherlands the Staby houn is a very common breed

  25. AlienXCherie says:

    Carolina Dogs forever!!!!!<3

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