Questions about outside Rottweiler?

I keep reading that Rotties should be indoor dogs but on occassion find someone who says their Rottie does fine outside as long as it gets enough attention. So I am wondering if this would be a viable alternative, as having a dog in the house isn’t an option. We own a home on 1.5 acres with 1 acre of that being our fenced-in back yard. We plan to have a decent sized kennel for our dog outside (in the shade) and then would of course have her out with us whenever we are outside, regardless of being in the front or back (we live in the country). We spend a lot of time outdoors as a family (everyday) and will be getting other animals to kind of keep our dog company, as our neighbor has a donkey, we have chickens, and we will be getting horses in the next year or so (not sure how much company that is really for a rottie, though). I also plan on socialising our dog with our neighbors, their dogs, and taking her to Pet Smart for interaction. Also planning on obedience training as well as strict training at home.

We do plan on getting our back fence fixed because as of right now I do not feel it could sufficiently hold a rottie but fencing for an acre is quite a bit and we were hoping to put it off until this summer or fall, but will be getting our puppy in May. Is having our dog in a kennel an okay alternative until then? I only work part time so time is not a factor.

Let me know your EDUCATED thoughts, concerns, etc., please!
Yeah, we actually are designing the chicken coup around the dog, haha! We’re putting treated lumber all around the bottom and putting a top on so hopefully that will help.. If not, it’s just a chicken!

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    7 Responses to “Questions about outside Rottweiler?”

    1. Desiree Stuart says:

      I was looking at question and was just astounded at the amount of frank training question that get posted. So it was nice to be able to relate to all your concerns
      My better friends dog just did as it wanted and would play up and take no notice of him at alland as much as he tried he could not master that dog.
      It would go game for other dogspull on the leadbark at strangersand no way could it be let off the lead as he would not come to heel.
      It had come to the platform that it was more like looking after the devil than a pet.
      He was tould about a dog traning course that could avail put the pet back in the devil and he followed it up
      You would not think it was the same dog after he had followed the addvice from that course.
      Haveing seen this incredible change myself I asked him how to arrive that same course so that I could pass it on

    2. Alec Caldwell says:

      apick I have seen this asked before, I’m having the same issues would you let me know how you solve them?

    3. ? says:

      Hey I see that you need some kind of guid that will give you tips and tricks to help your dog become fully trained and more healthy. Recently one of my friends really needed some advice on how to train his dog. He followed the dog training academy course to successfully have a fully trained dog in a few weeks.

    4. Big Daddy says:

      First of all having a dog outside continuously is a mistake. I don’t mean to be blunt, but would you like to be left alone outside all day and all night? Secondly, if you must keep the dog outside make sure it has adequate shelter for cold, hot and wet weather. Another suggestion is that you make your back yard a playground for the dog. You can purchase or make an agility course, put plenty of toys for the dog to play with outside. Dogs like children need human interaction to be sociable animals. If you plan on spending a lot of hours outside it should be ok. And make sure you take your dog for a walk everyday, that’s where you can bond one on one and also teaching the dog some control while on a leach.

      Lastly, you may want to include a dog run where your dog should be trained to eliminate in that area only. And keep your dog on a feeding schedule, please don’t keep food down all day because the dog is an outside dog. Dogs are greedy and will eat as long as you leave food out. Water is ok.

      I hope you don’t take offense to my first line, but think about it. You would hate to be left alone outside in a fenced yard all day it’s like being in doggie jail and I know you do not want that. Good luck.

    5. Lorraine says:

      I hate to see them living outside, however, in your situation it doesn’t sound like a bad life at all.

      One of the reasons I hate them outside is that people tend not to put as many hours into their training and that can lead to a very unsocial dog. However, you sound as if you are prepared for that.

      I know of quite a few rotties that live alongside the chickens, in fact we have just put out a rescue and within a week they have her with the chickens and no problems.

      I have a wonderful picture of my rottie with cows and horses.

      Just watch the dog doesn’t have too much freedom when young and make sure your thoroughly train her.

    6. FidosCityGuide says:

      You didn’t say where you live, what the weather is like where you live. That is a big factor in answering your question.

      One thing I can tell you is a puppy can’t be outside. In certain parts of the country a rottie would do fine outside.

      You are saying Kennel, do you mean a dog house or a dog run. I hope you mean a run, since you said you need to get the fence fixed. Chaining a dog to a dog house is not acceptable period.

    7. Sammy Gabbie GO VEGAN! says:

      I will tell you that outside dogs don’t usually live to be as old as indoor dogs due to they run off, get hit by car, etc.

      If you plan on having chickens and such, know that the dog will be having a lot of chicken meals of his own doing.

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