Question about cleaning dog runs?

I purchased some used dog runs to make a fence for small area to be fenced in. My question is what can I use along with my power washer in order to get all the filth and grime off the chain link? All help appreciated. Thanks. Bob

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    5 Responses to “Question about cleaning dog runs?”

    1. Steve E says:

      Maybe something like CLR and a scrub brush.

    2. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

      Wait, are you asking once it gets dirty? Or the fence pannels are already dirty?

      If it is already dirty, use the power washer and a stiff metal brush like you would use to clean a BBQ. Spray with a bleach/water solution to kill viruses and allow to sit for a bit.

      If you are asking once the dog is using the run, you can buy special kennel wash at most big pet stores.

    3. Eggsalad Sandwich says:


    4. Xolo Mama says:

      I don’t see why not. Just don’t turn it up too high or else you will be engraving the dog run instead of cleaning it. lol But, I would also use bleach or kennel cleaning solution, too. It is important to clean any used dog supplies to get rid of potential viruses, like parvo, distemper, psuedorabies, etc.

    5. Lycoris says:

      First, set up to clean this stuff outside your yard. If there are contaminants, you don’t want them left behind where your dogs might be walking or playing.
      Use your power washer with just water first to get the bulk of the grime and dirt off of the chain link. Once that is finished, use a stiff scrub brush and bleach water to clean away any remaining dirt and to kill any bacteria or viruses that may be lingering.

      It’s best to allow the metal to fully dry in the sun before setting it up, but if that is not possible due to weather, bring it inside to dry (a porch or shop will do).

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