Purina Commercial?

I am looking for the (youtube or other) video of the Purina commercial where there is a dog in a pound or kennel situation and you see 2 people (you can only see their legs) walk up to the cage and look at this cream colored dog, who gets all perked up thinking it was going to be let out of the cage and the people walk off. The dog tries to look as the people walk off and keeps lwaiting and getting excited to see if they come back. Then the announcer says something like for every dog that gets adopted so many more are euthanized. Can soemone tell me where I might view or get it from?

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8 Responses to “Purina Commercial?”

  1. sallard84 says:

    i can’t even look at that commercial!! i turn my head or close my eyes! It’s sooooooo sad!!! The good thing is that poor dog has a home.. sad thing is there are soooo many other dogs in his situation. maybe you could "tivo" animal planet for the day and get it on tape that way. Good luck!

  2. andie says:

    maybe you could find it on purina’s website. i know the commercial…..tho i’ve never watched the whole thing. just can’t

  3. محمودعبد التواب محمد عبد الظاهر says:

    Tarafemen possible that the site and get it Nfssoa

  4. *~CaspersMommy~* says:

    I’m sorry, I searched youtube. Perhaps if you could give me a year it was put out I might be able to find it. Can’t find it right now though but I will keep looking.

  5. CF_ says:

    I saw that one too..
    contact the TV station perhaps..

  6. Deidra says:

    It’s unusual, but that commercial made me cry. I couldn’t tell you where to find it, tho.

  7. sophylakes says:

    oh man,,,, what a tearjerker……..

    i don’t know where to tell ya to look,,, but i know i don’t want to see it… will make me cry

  8. berner mom says:

    I think I found it:)

    Its Pedigree dog food not Purina…Its a tearjerker…..


    If the link doesn’t work, go to pedigree.com and click on adoption commercials..

    BTW, if you send in a pic of your dog (thru the website), they will make a donation to the humane society

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