Puppy Pad Training Question?

We have a 12 week old puppy. He doesn’t have too many accidents inside, which considering where he came from is very suprising. His previous owners did not try to potty train any of the dogs, including their 4 adult dogs. We’re trying to puppy pad train him. He does go to the door most of the time, but we don’t make him sleep in his crate, he’s only in it for a few hours (maybe 4 a day while we’re at work), and sometimes he has accidents at night, but they’re always in the same areas so I thought a puppy pad might help. But, he doesn’t care for the puppy pads and just plays with them and tears them up. Is there any advice on how to make him learn it’s to go potty on? We tell him potty, but it doesn’t seem to be helping! Any advice is greatly appriciated, we’re first time puppy owners (at least one that was allowed inside!) Thanks for your time,
Thanks for yall’s answers! I’ll try the bell thing. For some of yall, no, we’re not going to crate him at night. The only thing he knows is the crate is for when no one’s home. Otherwise he’s with us constantly. Thanks for the advice!

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    6 Responses to “Puppy Pad Training Question?”

    1. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? says:

      No offense but why are you trying to puppy pad train him when he already goes to the door, not consistently yet, to let you knwo he has to go to the bathroom?

      Put your dog on a schedule, crate training him and take him outside to go. Puppy pads give them the impression that its ok to go in the house and very few use them consistently all the time for urinating and defecating.

      If you have to put a string of bells on your door knob. When you take him out to potty have him touch the bells until they ring, take him outside when he goes give him a treat and praise him.

    2. Bonnie L says:

      Puppy pads only teach your pup that it’s okay to use the house for a toilet. Take the pup out on a REGULAR basis, and when you can’t supervise him, use a crate.

    3. teach08 says:

      My dog just played with the puppy pads too…they dont work. The best thing to do is take him/her outside every hour as much as you can and reward him whenever he does go outside. We hung a little bell by our door that we ring everytime we go outside…and our little dog has associated that with going to the bathroom. Whenever he wants to go out and we are around…he will touch his nose to the bell, it will sound…and he gets to go outside and relieve himself! Its just a tiny bell on a piece of yarn taped to the wall by the door…it took him about 2 months to get it…but now he rarely has an accident!

    4. Ash says:

      alot of dogs dont like the puppy pads i know. They are supposed to have a sent to them that tells them that is were they should go but there is also a spray that you can go buy and spray on them as well just to make sure it is there- you can just find it at walmart or a pet store. Other then that have you tried putting the pad around the area that he likes to go and clean the area he like very well and cover it so he cannot get to it and see if he uses the pad as a backup place. But honestly if he is going to the door wanting out on his own i would just go with training him to go outside all of the time and if you are not there with him or at night kennel him and take him outside right away in the morning or when you get home you dont want him to get used to being able to go in the house for any reason when you really want him to go outside. No matter what he is still a puppy and will have accidents, he will grow out of it as he gets older.

    5. Baa_Baa_Blacksheep says:

      If they are in the same area then they probably aren’t accidents. Try using an enzyme cleaner to completely eliminate the scent of urine.

      Potty pads encourage peeing in the house. Like a young child you will have accidents. You just have to clean them up and keep trying.

    6. Jennie A says:

      after a while, you will notice where your pup prefers to eliminate. place the pads in that spot. there are also pads that have a urine scent on them, which tell the dog to that that is where to potty. of course, it is best to housebreak, but sometimes it is not practical, like in really bad weather or when people live in very high buildings.

      it took me a while to get it right with my shih-tzu, but now he does his business on his pads, which are hidden away in the hallway.

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