PUPPY HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

hi there, i asked this before but would add more detail because it would not let me before, basically can i keep my 8 week GSD pup outdoors? I have a back garden with a huge wall around it. I have built a kennel with lots of insulation between all da sides and have got newspaper layed down with Hay on top. I don’t have any big animals of prey, even birds around my area, i have heard to also keep a ticking clock wrapped up in a towel and keep it next to the puppy, i shall leave 2 of his favourite toys and a chewable bone and water with him, would this help? Btw he is the normal haired gsd but the downfall to all this is that live in the uk, yorkshire so the weathers just typical british, i understand where people are coming from when they say i should not get a dog if i keep it outdoor but i know of many people who have done this and have had healthy dogs live up to 12-13years with no problems whats so ever, i cant keep him indoors adefiantlynatily getting him in the next few weeks. I want advice on how i can do this and not people complaining about keeping him outdoors, eg. Sleep with him outside, would u keep your kids outside all alone. Look people im keeping him outside and just want some advice.

i would just like to say i cant keep the pup indoorsreligiousreligous reasons so could you please understand, i would look after it lot, even more than myself and would give it proper food and trainexerciseexersise, i have had an GSD x Akita before which was with me at my x girlfriends place but cant no more, raised from 8 weeks and i have been researching on GSD for about 4 years now and know exactly how to. Outside may seem harsh to all you people but this is only during night whilst im working, would have some walk aas welld aswell but apart from that i want to spend all my time with my puppy and so does my elder brother and my father. Understand please, i would love to keep him indoors but just cant, he would be warm outsidekennele kennal i have made, has a heater in it and with food, water, toys, chewable bone, ticking clock, hay, newspaper and if he wants he can run around in the garden noting notting can get in at all. He will be loved and handled well by all the family. I have always wanted one and now i have a new house where im planning on spending the rest of my life i finally have a chance to wonderfulnderfulldon’ted, dont get me wrong but i do care about the puppy, i want him to grow old with me as my companion and in order to do so he will have to be looked afte certainly and i intend on doing so,
please give me answers im asking for and not a big long lecture, thanks,

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3 Responses to “PUPPY HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”

  1. DaBasset - just go to the vet! says:


  2. Kurt Biewald says:

    ask my dad maybe?

  3. Katie Jane says:

    God that was awful reading that, there is spell check on here you know!!
    Your NOT ready for a puppy because you don’t know the basics, NO a puppy should not be left outside. Either keep to your religion or don’t get a dog YOU CHOSE. You know nothing about a GSD anyway and have showed this in other questions.

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