Puppy entrance advice!!!?

I had no idea what breed of dog Keilidh wanted, until I read the responses to one of her questions. I know now that a Goldie would fit in with our lifestyle better, but since Keilidh has waited so long for a puppy I want to give her a really nice suprise. She finishes school tomorrow for Spring break and dogs are welcome in the school, as long as they are sociable and kept in a crate/cage. Obviously this rule applies for small dogs and puppies. I need an idea quickly, as my neighbour has a beautiful litter and has given me first choice. She is a head of the BKC, and has ordered me a kennel and all of the essential equipment, that my partner is delivering to the house whilst Keilidh is at school, so I need a good way to introduce Keilidh and Sasha before school finishes tomorrow. PLease note that dogs are also allowed in the classrooms with permission and the teachers, who are on board with the idea, have been notified, please help me find a great way to welcome the latest addition!
I pick Keilidh up in the car and my partner is working, so I’m trying to find a way to bring the puppy to school and suprise her, maybe while shes in math (which she hates) All of her Friday teachers are on board with the idea of a puppy in class, which I am also keen on, but I need some ideas on introduction i.e. bring the puppy in during class, leave the puppy in a cage on her desk, or even rather dramatically, but still possible, have the assembly head (Her aunt) present the puppy to her during ‘end of term assembly’.
Mrs. Cole, the woman who bred the puppies, is a proffesional Acreddited Golden Retriever breeder. Her litter is registered with the kennel club, she is quite simply keeping the litter a secret to neighbours for the puppies welfare. There are many children where we live who are always keen to play with the still growing puppies. So rest assured she is not a pet store owner or a backyard breeder, her dogs are champions who have made appearences at Crufts and other famous dog shows. I also stupidly forgot to metion that keilidh has been staying with her sister for the past 2 days. The puppy came 2 days ago and has settled in fine, she is also fully vaccinated, as are her siblings. Sasha has seen them through the fence every day, as well as seeing her paarents too. she is in no way timid and is actually rather forward going, so I don’t think she would be too panicked in a quiet classroom. Also I would like to add that Keilidh has always wanted to show dogs, so no rescue centre links please

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3 Responses to “Puppy entrance advice!!!?”

  1. Krystal-Elise S says:

    Never buy from a petstore or backyard breeder. Adopt from a shelter and don’t knock the adults. Adults make better pets for people with children.

    Go and check out the shelter 1st. Why buy from a friend when Shelter have millions of animals that deserve a home? and many of these adults won’t find the home they deserve. Your friend will find homes for all her puppies.

    puppy settles in your home. remember they just been removed from there mother.Adult dogs can go straight to school they have lived before and are already have up to date vaccines.

    How can you resist these faces-change location if neccessary






  2. gimpybaker says:

    I wouldn’t recommend taking a new puppy to school right away. Leaving everything and everyone a puppy has ever known and taking him to a new home is quite traumatic for a puppy. A puppy that has never been away from his mother and his litter mates needs time to adjust and calm down after such a terrifying experience. Your puppy is going to be scared and lonely, regardless of how much attention you give him. Let him adjust to being away from his mother and litter mates, adjust to his new humans, new home, new kennel, new surroundings, new schedule, new sounds and new smells for a week. Perhaps you can bring the puppy home on her first day out of school and let her take the puppy to school when school resumes after the break.

  3. Maddie says:

    Where does she go, first thing when she gets home?

    Tie the puppy up or put the puppy in a kennel wherever that place is, and have her find it. ONLY Leave the puppy alone for a quick few minutes while you are welcoming Keilidh home. Act like nothing suspicious has taken place. =]]

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