Professional Dog trainers, how do you go about dealing with an agressive dog?

I will try to make a long story short. We got our 4th dog, not my choice, byb bred. She’s a 9 week old AmStaff, and her mom has a good temperment while her dad is a fighter (dad is owned by some low life). Any way my dog-agressive dog wants nothing to do with her. So our vets recommended a dog trainer for us for the dog to meet the puppy in neutral grounds, they did fine.
How ever after we got back he snapped at her and bit her on the head, and she ran to my mom and dad.

The dog is going to boot camp in 10 days and will be gone for a month.
The real question is how do professional dog trainers handle dog agressive and human agressive dogs. My dog is human agressive and dog agressive, if he doesnt know a person he is agressive, if he does he’s chill and has a sweet personality.

Any way today we took all 3 dogs to the trainer, and they were let loose in neutral ground. Everything was fine until the trainer, let his other client in (he drove his SUV in) and the trainer said he was scared of dogs. Immediately after the trainer let the guy in (he remained in his SUV) my dog went on the defensive side and went after the trainer. The trainers defence was a leather dog leash, and when my dog lunged at him and got closer, he was yelling at my dog, and the trainer was backing up, and he hit my dog roughly around 5 times in the face.
Once my Ridgeback mix saw this she joined in, she is kind of a follower, but any way she got hit by the trainer too, and after they didnt like to be hit they calmed down, but the trainer made me put Elvis (the aggressive one) in one of the kennels.

Any way the trainer said that my dog needs to spend a month there training him socially to be around people and other dogs, but on his business cards he claims to not hit the dog.

I don’t agree with him hitting the dog, not even Cesar Millan is that dumb. When cesar was working with an agrssive dog, it was muzzled and cesar would sit by it and clain the territory.

So I am wondering, by the sounds of this guy should I look for another trainer? it is hopeless my parents think he is good. Also this guy thinks that when a dog barks you should make a high pitched voice, directly to them, which sounds just like yelling. I think he is nuts, and doesnt know what he is talking about. How do you guys train dogs with agression?

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3 Responses to “Professional Dog trainers, how do you go about dealing with an agressive dog?”

  1. Nikole S says:

    Dog-dog aggression is a very serious matter. Until your dog’s successfully treated, keep him a safe distance from all other dogs ("safe distance" meaning the minimum amount of space he needs to remain calm and unstressed).

  2. Alan says:

    persuade your parents to hire a another man . this man sounds sucks

  3. Jennifer M says:

    I am not a dog trainer, but I am sharing my opinion as another dog owner. I would NOT leave my dog alone with this person if they hit the dog in front of me. Granted, the dogs were aggressively coming towards him, but I would think a trainer would come up with a better solution than hitting them in the face. You say it worked, but I can’t for the life of me see how hitting a human/dog aggressive dog will make it not be aggressive.

    You seem to have no doubt that the dog needs training and intensive training at that. I totally agree. I just don’t think this guy is the right person for a dog aggressive dog. Like you said, Cesar Milan even puts a muzzle on when working with an aggressive dog…he never hits the dog (at least on camera! :))

    The high pitched noise? Really?! Dogs bark usually because they are excited….high pitched voices only make them MORE excited.

    Look into some other trainers. Ask the vet if they can recommend someone else. Every trainer isn’t right for every dog and family.

    Good luck with your pup.

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