Potty Training my Papillon dog?

I have a probably 2-3 year old male papillon. He came to me by accident, he was a stray, he’s a full-breed, beautiful and a wonderful personality. However, I just moved to a new apartment and I can’t get him to stop peeing and pooping on my carpet. I know all of the standard training techniques, like taking him out, giving treats and praise when he does go outside, etc… I just started crating him to see if that would help; however, he is still going in his crate, or ‘bed’. Now, I work 10 hour shifts at night, my only conclusion is that he simply can’t hold it that long… because he doesn’t go any other time of the day when I’m here, meaning he doesn’t have accidents during the night or on my days off when I’m here with him. He only goes in his crate when I leave him…

Does anybody have any suggestions to help me train my boy… I have also tried diapers and pee pads before crating, which didn’t work either. And in my old apartment, he never use to have accidents; however, I don’t remember if I ever had to leave him for 10 hours (I’m with a new company now). And I think because I don’t know his history, or how he was raised it’s making a little more difficult. But he did just fine in my old apartment – I hope somebody can help…

I hope somebody has some suggestions, I am running out of ideas for my guy. . . .

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    3 Responses to “Potty Training my Papillon dog?”

    1. happypappy says:

      the crate sounds to big for him. if he has room to potty and not lay in it. they will do it.
      try to find a way to get him taken out at least once while he is in crate.
      my two year old goes outside before we go to bed and holds it until we go out in the morning. sometimes over ten hours so it can be done.
      good luck with him and spook sends licks.

    2. redneckcowgirlmo says:

      Crating him will help, is there anyway someone else could take him out at least once while your working ? He’s a little dog with a tiny bladder, good luck to you.

    3. pierced_chick123 says:

      My very first suggestion is if you haven’t already take him to the vet.

      Since he is a stray he’ll need to be checked out at this time i would also do a urine test and make sure he is healthy. It is very likely that while being a stray he could have got an infection.

      If that all checks out …10 hours alone in a crate is a very long time for any dog..but this dog was soo use to being outside roaming and is now being stuck in a crate. How did you introduce him to the crate? Was it slow with treats…its best to start with the door open and in the same room putting treats and toys in the crate.. Then moving up to leaving him alone in the crate for a few hours, and slowly going up from there.

      Here is a few links about crate training




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