Pom Puppy, I'm new to owning a dog, i need help !?

hey there.
I just got a 10 week old male pomeranian.
and im having trouble figuring out when to let him out and feed him.
Since i have school, i’ll be away for at least 6 hours and then i don’t want to come home with a crying puppy and pee everywhere in his crate.

For the past two days in his new home i:
-took him out to pee and then fed him around 8.( thats gonna change on the weekdays;is that bad for his schedule?)
-after he naps i take him out,let him walk around , but doesn’t pee until he comes inside and pees in his play pen with a wee wee pad.
-i play with him just a bit and cuddle and then he’s tired again, then eventually he’ll have to pee when he wakes up.

here comes the part what worries me the most.

AT NIGHT ! i dont want to wake up every 3 hours to take him out and learn to pee outside.
and i know a puppy cant hold that long .

i need all the advise you can give to a first time owning a dog.
thank you !
10pts for the most helpful answers.

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    4 Responses to “Pom Puppy, I'm new to owning a dog, i need help !?”

    1. (H) says:

      I’m a bit confused.
      You say you have school, so I’m guessing you’re young and not living alone. Can your parents/whoever you live with not be with him for the 6 hours you’re at school.
      If not, I don’t think it was the greatest idea to get a puppy. ‘AT NIGHT ! i dont want to wake up every 3 hours to take him out and learn to pee outside.’ Sorry to break it to you, but this is all part of puppy ownership. Just because it doesn’t suit you isn’t really an option.

    2. Nicole says:

      This is my dogs schedule and it works well:
      Feed her and walk her just before you leave.
      And if he has to pee during the day what I do is put a blanket down in the crate or towel so if he does have an accident it wont make a mess.
      As soon as you get home walk him
      Before bed feed him and walk him and what we do is we teach him that when he has to go pee teach him to pee in the bathroom on a towel
      Good Luck

    3. Linda says:

      You and your new puppy both need to be trained. There are many good sites on line that will help you with that. Puppies take lots of time and patience hope you have plenty of both. Here is a site that I found that my help. http://www.trainingyourpuppy.net/

    4. K says:

      Ok…here’s the thing. If you put the dog on a schedule, you have to keep that the schedule, and that means seven days a week (I know that sucks…I hate getting up at 7:00 a.m. on weekends!).

      Since you’re going to be in school for six hours, if you can’t find anyone to let him out while you’re gone, this is what I suggest: Wake up, take puppy outside. After the puppy goes potty and you praise him lavishly, go inside and feed him. Right before you leave, take him out to potty again. When you get home from school, take him out to potty. Then every hour after that, take him out to potty. Do not come back in until he’s gone potty. Use a different treat for house training than you do for anything else. Praise him like he just cured cancer. You may still come home to a crate that’s been pottied in.

      At night…maybe if you start restricting water at 6 or 7 p.m., you might get away with only having to wake up once to take the puppy potty. I apologize if that’s not what you want to hear, but puppies just can’t hold it all night (most of the time).

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