please help!!! I was just cleaning my house and there was tiny black bugs IN the rug and around the window?

I was cleaning my den really good, dusting, cleaning the carpets and then I noticed these black bugs around the window ….Its on the ground level…As I was cleaning tyhe carpets with the machine , they were INSIDE the carpet too!!! My mom spent the night at my house 2 days ago and this morning she went to the ER with a tick in her leg!!!! Can these be ticks? Oe can they be bed bugs??? IM WORRIED and I feel very sick over this. I dont have any pets so I dont know what they can be? I also thought I saw one of these on the OUTSIDE of my deck this morning, and that 2 levels higher than the den were they are all at..WHAT CAN I DO ?? Thanks so much for all your help!

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3 Responses to “please help!!! I was just cleaning my house and there was tiny black bugs IN the rug and around the window?”

  1. gar_fanatic says:

    It could be fleas. How small are these bugs? If you don’t have any pets or small childen, set off a couple of bug bombs in the house and spend the weekend somewhere else. Come back on Sunday morning and clean the heck out of your house.

  2. jacktradewheaton says:

    I’m afraid you are going to catch on or get a photograph before I can tell you much. And while I understand your mental state right now, I might be able to guess better knowing where geographically I’m looking,
    Elm beetles, pill (sow) bugs and little red spiders (pin head size) like to hang around mulch that’s decomposing close to the house like that. While harmless, they’re pesky. Cyprus and cedar chips have natural oils that inhibit infestations like this. Ticks are something else and don’t swarm like you’ve described. but they do favor certain foliage that when removed can lessen their exposure. And there’s yard treatments for them.
    Worst case is to call the exterminator who can identify what they are and bomb them accordingly along with finding the cause. Or a county agricultural extension too for more info.

    Edit: While good advise, my instincts tell me that Molly may be the chosen one here. Let us know.

  3. mollyflan says:

    Sounds like you have carpet beetles. Go to the following website – they have pictures and remedies. Good luck!

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