‘Petite Roses’ by Diane Cluck

Featured on Skins Season 5 Episode 3! Lyrics: Petite roses bend To sniff at my ankles Pink and red roses lining the path The flagstone path that leads to nowhere To nowhere decided for now And the dog runs up With a heart in its mouth Deposited pulsing at my feet Blood still ushering from it’s valves It shudders and gives up one last beat Shudders and gives up one last beat Oh, who am I to get this gift The giver bounding off in retreat The dog runs up with the heart in its mouth And drops it bloody at my feet Roses pester at my ankles The heart lies bloody at my feet

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16 Responses to “‘Petite Roses’ by Diane Cluck”

  1. djurdjica1712 says:

    @LLuuiizzaa Sure! Send me a message with your email adress 🙂

  2. LLuuiizzaa says:

    @djurdjica1712 can you send it to me too?? please please =p

  3. kiddDEVY says:

    can someone tell me how to download this song or send me a link?
    but this song was perfect for the moment with min in the bathe room reflecting and thinking to her. thumbs up to the skins music department.

  4. carlscastro says:

    ok! Send it to me to

  5. djurdjica1712 says:

    @carlscastro By email!

  6. djurdjica1712 says:

    @XxxxxCluelessxxxxX Yes, this is the full version! I don’t have a link, but I could email it to you 🙂

  7. XxxxxCluelessxxxxX says:

    Is this the full song?? I love it and have downloaded it, but it sounds like it’s just the bit that was featured in Mini’s episode. Can you send me the full link if you have one please?? Xx

  8. carlscastro says:

    Really? But how?

  9. carlscastro says:

    really?? but how?

  10. djurdjica1712 says:

    @carlscastro I can send it to you if you want!

  11. carlscastro says:

    Can anyone tell my, where o how can i download this song… But I want the complete one!

  12. rosydonut says:

    The new series of Skins is pure shit. but the music is still good at least.

  13. dergan1471471 says:

    know one knows the tune, expect us for now!

  14. imjackdunlop says:

    skins brought me here. love ittt.

  15. Darlyka says:

    Thank you very much for upload it!!! it was love at first hearing 🙂 great song and perfect for Minnis episode, Diane has such a lovely and powerful voice <3

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