pet stores? sick pups? PUPPY FARM!?

we went to the mall the other day and we went into the pet store to buy my brother a iguana tank, i couldnt help myself i went and looked at the poor pups. they had a cockerpoo and a pekeapoo in a tank with a wire mesh bottom there was a air vent but it smelled horrible, the pups had missing teeth sores on their tails and poo all on their bums. there was a pappilion on top and he was by himself screaming his head off ( looked like a chihuahua mix to me) and some guy bought a samoyed and it had cherry eye and kennel cough for 800$, i was very angry and i told him to enjoy his sick puppy mill infested mutt, then this other lady was holding a chihuahua and was talking about going to a shelter but "all the lil dogs are taken" i told her that big dogs need homes too and if she wanted to spend 1,000$ on a chihuahua at least get him from a breeder, and she told me that she wanted to go buy a chihuahua from a "puppy farm" WTF does that not scream puppy mill?!
and there was this guy looking at a pitt bull pup and im like thats NOT a pittbull that is a american bulldog mix, and we asked and sure enough it was a pittbull, but it had a long nose and a flat muzzle like a Abulldog,
but the saddest thing of all was a little basset hound pup sitting with those big eyes and howling,

it was disgusting and i cannot believe people would be so ignorant as to buy one of those dogs

oh and dont you just LOVE " hes a purebred he has papers" what CKC papers? ACA? those are fake papers,

^ my stepdad said that and i said i could write pittbull on a slip of paper and get those fake papers for luca, (luca is a poodle)

what do you think of this? do you have any revolting pet store stories to share?
we left after our little cherade and we got the tank at petsmart 🙂

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12 Responses to “pet stores? sick pups? PUPPY FARM!?”

  1. graceyg241984 says:

    that is so disgusting. I hate it when stuff like that happens, dogs are living breathing mammals, with feelings. I’m not sure if there are any pet store like that around where I live, but I’m sure they exist. I think or at least hope that Petsmart and Petco has code violations that they have to follow through with. If I was you I would report the place to the Cruelity To Animals, in the state you live in, someone needs to protect the animals from these sick heartless people. Just let them know what you had seen I don’t think you would have to leave your name or anything but maybe you should, so that one voice would be heard and then maybe other voices would follow, and hopefully it would close the place down.

  2. SC says:

    There is no dog that you can’t get directly from a reputable breeder or purebred rescue. But, many reputable breeders have long waiting lists and many rescues ask a lot of ‘inconvinient’ questions or also have waiting lists for the most desirable dogs. The problem is that people don’t WANT to look, they want to BUY. Just like walking in and buying a purse or a lipstick. And when it doesn’t fit their lifestyle anymore or it becomes too irritating to deal with, they dump it. We need to be doing more to educate people about what they should be looking for in a dog, what type of dog they should be looking for (I love all the sedentary people who decide they want a jack russell or a border collie) and also make them see that there is a committment to having a dog. Until the people buying the dogs can be educated, there will always be a market for these dogs.

  3. Bonnie L says:

    It’s disgusting. I won’t patronize a pet store that sells pups or kittens. Good for you being vocal, I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately people are totally clueless. They will pay, in the long run, vet bills, etc. I was just looking at our local ads, and there is someone selling CKC registered pups. UGH!

  4. ∞CHAO§ Gigalomaniax∞ says:

    yeah my sister does, and dont condemn me because it wasnt my fault and i had no idea she was doing this. My sister got a cocker spaniel, a very badly bred dog be that she has a severe over bite and lots of aggression issues. Um but what really was bad was that this little pup was not quarantined, the pup came in the day before and sold the next day to my sister. The pup not only had kennel cough but she also had giardia. and at that time we had puppies of our own and guests over looking at them and we got a call from her saying she did this and we were like omg how could she. We easily could have gotten her a rescue cocker but no she went and got that dog. She lives up to her name of pandora, she has already attacked 3 of my dogs, she took a piece out of my show dogs tip of the ear which is healed now and you cant see it but i was about to kill that dog, my show dog who is a weimaraner was protecting my french bulldog. then a few months later she attacked one of my other weimaraners. She cant attack the third or she is going to be a dead dog. She doesnt have ear problems like alot of cockers have but she does have skin problems. my sister was told that the place she came from was not a puppy mill which is BS.

  5. barbamatt says:

    You sound like you needed to vent a little…

    I do agree that it is sad. I got both of my dogs at the pound. One of them is a little dog (He’s a 13 pound terrier mix…I think he is mixed with a poodle).

    I love my pound mutts. They are the love of my life. I like purebreds too, because I like all dogs…I just wouldn’t get one from the place you described.

    At any rate I hope those dogs find good homes…They will live a terrible life in a kennel if nobody gets one. I wish however that there was better regulations against puppy mills and mass marketing of dogs.

    Why don’t you write your state legislature and see what they are doing to stop that type of stuff. Laws only get passed when people write letters and organize and let them know what the people want.

  6. Laya CMDW BELIEVER says:

    I’m with you on everything and all the other answers. But I have a ? for Bozema. The Petland stores in my area show only rescue and shelter dogs and cats.

    Are you sure your Petland sells puppy mill dogs? I would be very curious about this.

  7. islandmamma says:

    You should have called animal control on the deplorable living situation they are in. And keep calling if nothing is done about it, have others call so they don’t dismiss this.

  8. Bekah says:

    i worked at a pet shop and i have many many revolting stories, i found out the sick truth of how they are run and how the people that own them do it for a profit not because they love or care for animals. the sicked thing that first come to mind is that our first "chore" of the day was to take out all the dead animals before we closed so customers would not see them. i HATED it ! i cried daily till i quit!!

  9. Bozema says:

    Since I won’t set foot in a place that sells dogs, I don’t have a story. I have family members that are actively fighting against a Petland store. I support them.

    I also won’t go for fear of bringing home diseases to my own pets, even though they are vaccinated. I won’t risk their health by exposing myself to a place like that.

    I hope you bought the iguana tank elsewhere. They don’t deserve your business.

    LAYA – PetSmart and and Petco hold adoption fairs. Petland sells puppy mill puppies. I am certain of it. Check out this link from Humane Society of the US.

  10. ♥Daisy♥ says:

    There are too many clueless people looking to buy a puppy impulsively.
    This is nothing new.
    Too many people out there have no education about where to buy dogs or they know nothing about puppy mills.

  11. Ginger Pye says:

    Good for you for revolting against pet store pups! Pet stores with puppies discust me!! There was this pet store that I was going to work at, but then they start selling puppies. There was even a commision if you sold a pup. That’s just wrong.

  12. Saved from TN says:

    Whenever I’m in the mall and we go by the pet store, I don’t let myself go in because I know I’ll either A) cry b) get kicked out for losing customers and telling the truth about them. Therefor, I don’t go in to petstores that sell puppies.
    At school on Friday though, I was in study hall talking to this girl and my friend and she was like yeah I want to get a little Chihuahua (like Miley Cyrus or some disney star she’s obsessed with) and she’s like I’ll go to the pet store. And I’m like what about rescue- and she’s like I don’t want a retarded dog. And I’m like my dog isn’t retarded and shes a rescue, and she’s like she probably is. So I was like well then go to an akc breeder and she’s like what’s that. And I was like do research before getting one. and she’s like I don’t want to do research.

    so yeah, I was pissed.

    sorry for all the "she’s like, and I was like….." and etc. ahaha

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