“Pet Limo” Made from Hearse

A Colorado man had a crazy idea of buying a hearse for his dog-kennel business. The car is locally known as ‘the pet limo’. KKTV’s Marybeth Brush reports.

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    6 Responses to ““Pet Limo” Made from Hearse”

    1. Younowkoed says:


    2. xGreydaysx says:

      aw thats awesome!

    3. heymisterg says:

      nice 🙂

    4. billeybop says:

      Your idea is strange and the vehicle of choice is ominus. Sadly many pets are taken by what we think are friendly and safe havens ( kill shelters ) and the next day they are put down. Yes people exploit pet owners for their vonerabilities. Sad.

    5. lionel422 says:

      haha oh shit. did someone knock his ass out?

    6. charlesjackson10 says:

      Five times I tried to play video, it would not play, but the damn google sponser ads sure played all five times without trouble.

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