Pet Fish : How to Buy Fish Aquarium Supplies

Before buying fish aquarium supplies, consider the size of the tank and the size of the filter’s replacement cartridge, if one is needed. Take the height of a fish tank into account when decorating an aquarium with help from the owner of a pet store in this free video on fish aquarium supplies. Expert: Mike Mavro Contact: Bio: Mike Mavro is the owner and operator of Orvee’s Pet Center in St. Petersburg, Fla. He has dedicated more than three decades to the care, maintenance, health and well-being of fish and furry animals. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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    12 Responses to “Pet Fish : How to Buy Fish Aquarium Supplies”

    1. SuperAz300 says:


    2. Yourmom10947 says:

      Fish guy:Polly shut up u fucking waste if air
      Polly:AURR fuck u

    3. MriBackup says:

      Is someone killing a bird in the background

    4. carlynkp says:

      where is the store that you work at?

    5. lovehugspeace7 says:

      you are soooo helpfull thankyou! amazing videos!

    6. BFMValentineOwns says:

      0:00 skip the add lol

    7. hawkwind999 says:

      this guy is a plonker and talks like a prick!!

    8. TheAquariumKid says:

      @eddieusselman u do if its a small change suck as if u got 100 gallon tank and u put in 95 lbs wont matter but if u put in 70,60,50 lbs it well looks stupid and werid becuase half ell have gravel and other wont

    9. Gaby3898 says:

      this guy is so stupid he says the same stuff on every video -_-

    10. eddieusselman says:

      so your telling me i need 100 lbs of gravel… bull

    11. agaragarlove says:

      Hi, ehoe..

    12. kingkirki49 says:

      thanks for the advice 🙂 great job! 😀

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