Pavement – Kennel District: live in ’95

Pavement playing ‘Kennel District’ live in Cologne Germany, June 26th,1995.

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6 Responses to “Pavement – Kennel District: live in ’95”

  1. AirHendrix91 says:

    Yeah when I saw them live a month ago in Brooklyn, Steve was like, “This is the song I work out to” when they began Date with Ikea lol.

    Must be the band’s magic, right?

  2. TheExileonmainstreet says:

    @mercyc1rcus On which tracks do you hear this stuff?

  3. mercyc1rcus says:

    i dont really know, just know that on alot of the studio outakes on the reissues of their albums, you can hear him saying sarcastic and kinda belittle(ing?) things to scott. maybe its just part of their presence/ band vibe/ juju…i dont know

  4. DrDoombot says:

    how? how do you know?

  5. mercyc1rcus says:

    i second that emotion. steve was an ass to him.

  6. loretascars says:

    Spiral Stairs was/is underated, can’t wait for reuion tour

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