Part of my dog's paw pad came off?

On her paw pad, on her left hind leg, there is a part missing. Don’t know how it happened, but she can barely walk on it now. She’s a two and a half year old golden retriever. and my dog has allergies and shes constantly itching herself, so i dont think she will let me put gauze on it. How should I care for it? Is going to the vet necessary?
okay i will take her to the vet asap
anything i can do at home before her appointment?
okay i will take her to the vet asap
anything i can do at home before her appointment?

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    11 Responses to “Part of my dog's paw pad came off?”

    1. Chloe says:

      yes take her to the vet imeditly she could have a disese and dont let her lick the spot

    2. dobesrangels says:

      You should call the vet and ask their opinion. More than likely she cut it on something and the vet will probably tell you there is nothing they can do for that. They can’t usually do anything for a cut on the foot or pads. It just usually takes time to heal.

    3. Nat says:

      if u cant take her vet in time put like something soft around her paw so that it wont get infected. YES! THE VET IS NECESSARY!

    4. Elliot says:

      totally! just to be sure get a check up on the allergies too!

    5. Nicky S says:

      is this is gonna sound really mean but i cant believe your stupid enough to not take her to the vet she needs to be there asap now get off yahoo answers and take her to the vet

    6. ☆ Abbie Border Collie ☆ says:

      I’d see the vet right away. Poor dog, good luck.

    7. iShellBee(: says:

      omg! take her to the vet.

    8. Billie says:

      most definate or at the very least give them a call a speak to the vet over the phone to see what he advises

    9. chey says:

      yes take her to the vet asap. that is the best bet to make sure shes okay and the vet knows that they are doing

    10. babybluegirl5221 says:

      I would definatly take her to the vet.

    11. Becky says:

      Because it is the foot and dirt constantly gets on it; you need to take her to the vet to be sure it isn’t already infected.

      Goldens are known for allergies to grains, corn, starches (mainly cheap foods). My golden did great on Eagle Pack Sardine & Salmon food. This is a middle of the road food with regard to price but well worth the money to see my dog stop itching. Also, giving your dog fish oil can help with itching. Plain Yogurt or yogurt cultures are also good for killing bacteria in the intestines which can cause itching & skin irritations. Limit the amount of baths & find a shampoo with oatmeal as an ingredient. Put a bit of lemon juice in her water as the acidity will help with any internal allergens. Good luck.

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