Part 2 of crazy cat concerns: What to do with "agressive" kitty?

I asked a question last week but wasnt really impressed with the answers. Let me be specific.

I adopted a "manx mix" female cat last july. They didnt know her age specifically, they said she was a year give or take. She of course was spayed, infact she was very much pregnant with 5 kitties – she was about to give birth any day- but they put a stop to it. She was too young.

When i met her i fell in love. They explained her personality saying she is very shy but very sweet. She had slight wild tendancies as she was born in the wild. They were also responsible for fixing and homing her father as well. They said she had the tendancies to make love bites when she was happy, which she did. She made my finger bleed quite nicely but I thought she was so beautiful and knew I’d be saving a life so I took her.

When I took her home she was shy. nothing out of the ordinary. She stayed hidden for a while but gained trust in me and even my small dog. She seemed to love the attention and security though she liked to be a frisky curious kitty.

Well, many months have elapsed, and she still is quite shy with people she doesnt know, but thats not my concern. She is quite confusing bc while she sems to get more comfortable with being affectionate towards me (when affection is shown to her first) she ALSO seems to be acting more and more wild as time passes to the point where this, in conjunction with certain physical characteristics makes me wonder if shes even regular house cat.

I am aware kitties like to attack, and play with their "kill". I also know they have a love/anger towards feet. But i was told at one point that cats are somewhat lazy and have short attention spans and in such generally dont seek "revenge" for something that annoyed them. If they choose to respond to such an annoyance, its right then as apposed to kitty coming back in a minute or a few to come get revenge.

The cat over-does the whole ‘stalk the prey thing’ in my oppinion. Its one thing to be nocturnal and bite toes and go after stringy somethings and things that move about, but when the cat is spending the whole night attacking you and doggie, and doesnt quit I think thats bordering on an obsession with "killing."

Furthermore, she goes after calves or any other body part if you move at all. I have had the cat run around and throw herself on me and boyfriend, wrapping around the legs to attack. almost every day. I’ve also had her attack my face -eye balls!!- on numerous occasions bc apparently I blink and that bothers her. She never leaves my poor dog alone. She claws him and hits him and bites him all day all night. He wont be around and shell go find him. He will be asleep and she as well, she will wake up to go torture him repeatedly and go back to bed. She also corners him in his kennel, or when I put him in there she sits on on top and makes sure that no matter what he is confined in one corner other wise she will scratch. she also is amazingly strong and as crazy as it is to hear, she has been known to throw him up and body slam him down. he is tiny and she is… solid!!

she gets totally angry with objects like papertowl rolls and will knock them down from whereever they are and gets SO mad. she literally will ruin an entire roll in 2 seconds when im not even there to see it. when i am there i can tell you she looks genuinely mad. she gets to them no matter what. She seeks them out. It makes eating or cleaning a task to say the least.

of course, she likes attention. if i walk the dog she whines at the door. when i come home from work she seems so sad and demands to be pet. she even has to follow me into the bathroom. she cant be alone yet everything is on her terms. she will allow affection. but you only can get maybe 3 pets before she attacks.

when i say attack i dont mean the cat biting or scatching, which is bad enough, she goes into "kill mode". this is all she knows to do- shes a bit excessive. she does the whole ‘lay on the side grab, strangle, kick with the back paws all with claws hooked into you’ thing. you can feel them getting tighter by the second. doesnt feel so great. i dont know how she got so strong but she has a way of making me loose feeling in whatever area she has ahold of.

if you so much as accidently run into her or touch her you will have hell to pay. these are things i touched on in vet appointment but shes UTD on vaccinations and i havent made an appointment just for her behavior issues. I dont think it would come in handy bc im having training issues with dog and my vet doesnt offer the best advice. I think certain things need to be addressed with someone in the behavior field as apposed to HEALTH field. they say shes helathy.. so..

as for correcting these issues, i try not to feed into them at all. Its true i found out first hand that she prefers to be pet aggresively as apposed to lovingly, and likes to be ‘roughed up a bit’. Trust me i dont do this regularly. I found out once or t
i know it cuts off. sorry yall. btw again: stop harping on me "rough housing" I FRIGGIN SAID I DID IT LIKE 2 X. what i mean was i would rake her wiht my fingers instead of patting. dont focus on one thing that i did less than handful of times. she was angry prior so..

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5 Responses to “Part 2 of crazy cat concerns: What to do with "agressive" kitty?”

  1. Deb C says:

    I don’t know what answers you got last week. But she needs Amitriptylline or some kind of kitty prozac for sure! You cannot live with a cat that attacks your face for heaven sake!!! Discuss these types of medication with you vet. They come in many different forms pill, liquid, topical gel etc…

  2. jasmine g says:


    Sorry to hear about your kitty she clearly has some issues that need to be sorted. Although i think there is very little you can do to help her. Maybe your just going to have to suffer ignore her when shes bad and treat her when shes good. Try the water spray method. If she bites to hard spray her if she bites gently reward her. I’m not too sure on things like that. tho thats what i would try.

    Good luck! xx

  3. silent_kayos says:

    try feliway and lots of treats

  4. Charlet says:

    leave it alone!

  5. kwgrlroper09 says:

    Hi the major problem with your kitty is that she was played with TOO aggressively as a baby and when growing up. If a person doesn’t want a cat to attack and be aggressive and dominant you never want to rough house with them roll them around having them scratch and bite you. She has got to go back to square one. When she first started to bite you or attack your ankles she should have been sprayed with a water bottle or swatted with a newspaper. She sounds like she has turned into the demon cat which is not good. You are not going to hurt her by spraying her or giving her a swat with a newspaper. But the thing to remember is it has to be consistent discipline not just once in a while. She needs to realize she is not the Alpha person in your household that you are. Granted at first she will be totally surprised and might stay away for a day or two but she will eventually realize this is not the right behavior and it has to change if she doesn’t want to get sprayed or swatted with a newspaper. You have to be the one to take charge and be the aggressor now. Do not play rough with her anymore as this just feeds into her behavior. She must learn to be petted like normal cat and rough housing is out. Some day if her behavior continues and she would scratch your eye or your dogs eye you or the dog might be blinded and letting the cat do such a thing is not allowed. Cat scratches are so bad to get as they carry such bad bacterias and can make you very sick. So please start showing this cat who is the boss in the house and it isn’t her like she thinks. Just to let you know a quick story I worked at a vet clinic for many years and one day when we were giving this cat an IV injection to go to sleep for surgery the cat came unglued turned and bit me with all 4 fangs deep as they would go into my arm and stuck every claw there was into my arm for a few seconds. He finally let go but i was a mess, my arm swelled up 4 times the size in just seconds. I was totally amazed at how fast it swelled. The vet cleaned and cleaned on the arm and then sent me to ER where they cleaned some more and started me on IV and po antibiotics. That arm was miserable for one whole month before it started to feel better. Then the cat had grazed some nerves with her fangs and my arm was tingly and numb for months. So please show this cat who is boss. Good Luck!

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