Paradise 4 Paws won't allow rawhides…?

Paradise 4 Paws is a boarding facility for dogs and cats located in Schiller Park, IL. Has anyone brought their pet in here and how was the experience? …I’m nervous about leaving my dog in any type of kennel because they remind me of animal shelters (they’re all in cages) and it would make me sad leaving her in a cage… but this place is different they all have their own room with a bed and a web cam and the presidential suites have a TV too. My dog is going to P4P in August and they won’t allow raw-hides. Are there other types of chewing things i can give her that will be okay?

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2 Responses to “Paradise 4 Paws won't allow rawhides…?”

  1. Mandy c says:


  2. pure caffeinated evil says:

    Call them and ask. Some boarding facilities don’t allow anything to be brought in other than food.

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