PANTERA!: Heavy Metal Puppy (Episode #1 – The Intro) Italian Greyhounds gone wild! The YT debut of Heavy Metal Puppy; Pantera. H\m Three pounds of hell on paws. She’ll melt your face off. (yes, SHE’s a girl) Born: 9/27/08 Music by IKKI: See my blog at: for Christmas pics of Pantera. =) Happy New Year! -Allen PS If you actually read video descriptions, and want to see occasional episodes of Heavy Metal Puppy, copy H\m/P in the comments! PPS Info in Iggy’s (Italian Greyhounds) Joy’s (Fringe111) puppy video! PPP?S (just for Matthias) I told you! =P BTW Victors dog, Maggie, inspired some of my early YouTube videos. Even if the Monkey / Dog war is on hold, the Italian Greyhound / French Bulldog war has just begun. =P

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25 Responses to “PANTERA!: Heavy Metal Puppy (Episode #1 – The Intro)”

  1. NeverGodGFX says:

    Why is he a metal dog when its a frickin techno version of an awesome metal song?

  2. JameoTheLameo1 says:


  3. asconan says:

    @JustA11en weeell, come oon, it was funny dude! πŸ˜‰
    And I loved the video too man, have to say this again!

    Btw, if you want to use a song you like, just add a LONG blank part at the end of your video (say 1-2 minutes) πŸ˜‰

  4. JustA11en says:

    @asconan I still prefer the original but could only include something I had permission to use.

  5. JustA11en says:

    @Fab1NatashaC An Italian Greyhound.

  6. Fab1NatashaC says:

    what kind of dog is that???

  7. asconan says:

    hahaha love the dog and I liked the remix too, it’s funny man!

  8. jesserocketmail says:

    5 lbs, that is a beast ! funny dog man

  9. Zavrick6969 says:

    all i can say is what the f this is so wrong on many levels I love Pantera and all there songs ahhhhhhhhhhhhh why did someone make this song like this

  10. HerrAmold says:

    soundtrack is fucking awesome!

  11. Ninetailedfoxgirl33 says:

    lol aww shes so cute ^^ and hpyer O.o i wish i was that fast XD

  12. LadyTayabell says:


  13. NeverAloneForever says:


  14. JustA11en says:

    gotcha. >:)

  15. jsmallwood2007 says:

    im not talking about your video’s the fact someone actually made a techno cowboys lol

  16. JustA11en says:

    The original version would have been removed for copyright infringement, hence the use of an alternate.

  17. jsmallwood2007 says:

    will it never end…thought the crazy train remix was an insult to real music but this takes the cake..

  18. iXack92 says:

    cagaste una buena cancion

  19. spookybeast says:

    Goregeous baby :-*

  20. hippieslay says:

    lmfao this is so gay.
    but i loled

  21. metalhead32uk says:

    that song is a discrace

  22. dalilamanson says:

    ese video no esta chido el perro estΓ‘ cagado pero el original es el chido

  23. KoRnflakes619 says:

    It must be some kind of a remix of cowboys from hell

  24. kakuya18 says:


  25. InVaZi0n says:

    Cowboys from hell.

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