Yorkie hair?

I have 2 Yorkies, one has perfect hair, it doesn’t tangle, extremely easy to brush… the other one is 9 months and still has baby fine hair, it seems that if you pet her at all, she mats up. I know that by 9 months, my other one didn’t have such fine hair. Will my baby always have hair like this? She HATES to be brushed and I do what I can to get the mats out, but there are so many and they are too close to her skin to cut off. She has already been shaved once and with it being Winter, I’m not going to have her shaved now. I have a feeling her hair will always be super fine, any tips on how to keep the mats minimal? I attempt to brush her everyday, but as I said she HATES it and I need both hands to work with the mats and when someone else trys to hold her, their hands are in the way of the mats, so that doesn’t help at all. Is there a miracle product to help?

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Is it worth bringing my dog home just yet?

My dog’s been at a kennel for the last week because my husband and I are getting floorboards in our house polished and everyone had to move out. My kids went to my sister’s, my cat went to a cattery, my husband and I went to a hotel and my dog went to a kennel. Longest week of my life.

The man who did the floors said people could move back in after a week, pets have to wait longer.
Me and my family are home now, but we just dont feel the same without my giant Mastiff X goofing around the place. The cat’s been to a cattery before and he loves it so he can come home next week, but the dog has never gone before.
If she comes home now, she’ll be locked outside for a week. As much as I love her, these 00 boards need the best possible chance.
Should I leave her at the kennel where she gets a personal ‘doggy doter’ or bring her home where the formerlly inside dog will be banished outside? We miss her so much, but I want her to be where she’s happiest

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PUPPY HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

hi there, i asked this before but would add more detail because it would not let me before, basically can i keep my 8 week GSD pup outdoors? I have a back garden with a huge wall around it. I have built a kennel with lots of insulation between all da sides and have got newspaper layed down with Hay on top. I don’t have any big animals of prey, even birds around my area, i have heard to also keep a ticking clock wrapped up in a towel and keep it next to the puppy, i shall leave 2 of his favourite toys and a chewable bone and water with him, would this help? Btw he is the normal haired gsd but the downfall to all this is that live in the uk, yorkshire so the weathers just typical british, i understand where people are coming from when they say i should not get a dog if i keep it outdoor but i know of many people who have done this and have had healthy dogs live up to 12-13years with no problems whats so ever, i cant keep him indoors adefiantlynatily getting him in the next few weeks. I want advice on how i can do this and not people complaining about keeping him outdoors, eg. Sleep with him outside, would u keep your kids outside all alone. Look people im keeping him outside and just want some advice.

i would just like to say i cant keep the pup indoorsreligiousreligous reasons so could you please understand, i would look after it lot, even more than myself and would give it proper food and trainexerciseexersise, i have had an GSD x Akita before which was with me at my x girlfriends place but cant no more, raised from 8 weeks and i have been researching on GSD for about 4 years now and know exactly how to. Outside may seem harsh to all you people but this is only during night whilst im working, would have some walk aas welld aswell but apart from that i want to spend all my time with my puppy and so does my elder brother and my father. Understand please, i would love to keep him indoors but just cant, he would be warm outsidekennele kennal i have made, has a heater in it and with food, water, toys, chewable bone, ticking clock, hay, newspaper and if he wants he can run around in the garden noting notting can get in at all. He will be loved and handled well by all the family. I have always wanted one and now i have a new house where im planning on spending the rest of my life i finally have a chance to wonderfulnderfulldon’ted, dont get me wrong but i do care about the puppy, i want him to grow old with me as my companion and in order to do so he will have to be looked afte certainly and i intend on doing so,
please give me answers im asking for and not a big long lecture, thanks,

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How to train three dogs?

I have three dogs. One male who is very smart and house broken. He is very inteligent but when he is with my two females he is naughty! My first female is a beagle mix with greman shepard! Weird I know but she looks like a beagle and is adorable se will sit but she like to run away form me when I let her lose. She is a big baby and loves to be petted and seems so good but the second you give her an inch she is gone. My second female is the daughter of my first female. She is very good but will do anything the other two dogs do. Alone they will listen and be good but together they get naughty. When in the house together they snoop and are constnatly running around. My second female love the other two but she like to play but I notices she like to bite them not agressovly but nidges them to play the other two just ignore it but then she barkes at them like she wants them to play. They are in a kennel right now in our back yard and I am wanting to train them so they can be in the house.
I get so frustrated with them when they dont listen I try so hard but obviously I need some training tips so they listen to me. I love to have them all clean and in the house . They do have lots of toys and get treats everyday, they all are very happy . But I just dont know how to train them. I want them to be obedient. Do I jsut take one at a time and train them in the house? But when they get together in the house the wont listen to me. How do I get all three to listen? They are all very smart. My male is not going to be a problem, he always was a house dog, but the girls havent.

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Help! We just got married but our pets don't get along!?

My hubby has a 110 lb pit bull and I have a 4 lb chihuahua. He says no pets inside I say chi should stay inside and his pit outside. The pit is on a runner which he escapes from often. The chi is in a large kennel or loose in yard. Yesterday the pit bull got loose caved in my Chihuahua’s kennel trying to get him now chi has no cage. Last week hubby let his pit loose for play time and attempted to "introduce the two" so he claims. I heard my chi cry out as if in danger so I run outside to see my husband prying my chi’s head out of his pit’s mouth! Amazingly my chi was unharmed I was thankful but Im still VERY angry about it. Today I purchased a new cage I choose a large heavy duty one. I don’t know what to do Im afraid his dog is ultamatly going to kill mine. We knew this was going to be a problem we thought of this ahead of time but Its just not working any suggestions?

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