Outdoor kennel question?

So I have been reading about siberian huskies for a few years and have finally decided to get one.But I still have one thing I need to know I plan on building a large outdoor kennel for him so he can stay in it while I am at school.What is the best way to keep him in it I dont want him escaping I know they are excellent diggers so aany tips for that?
Thanks everyone for your help.is chainlink fence a good thing to make it out of?
I am rescuing a older siberian husky

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    7 Responses to “Outdoor kennel question?”

    1. Keith says:

      I have three sets of kennels and they are all on concrete. I use to build them out of steel pipe. Now I buy the panels an assemble them as I want them. I put a top on them so they can’t climb over the top. With these kennels you will need to use a snap clip to keep the gate secure. Some dogs will lift the latch and get out. Hopefully some of this will help. Other thing besure to have shelter in the pen for him- her.

    2. Tanya Red says:

      This is what i did with my lab while i was in school:

      i made a huge kennel. the room was pretty big and really cosy, i put concreter on the floor in the room ONLY and put a carpet on the floor, sometimes i like to cuddle up in their with my dog. 😛
      around the edges or the fences (the part where they can dig out from) fill it with concrete but you can also use wood or tile, but its not as permanent. fit the rest of the area with grass/dirt, my dog likes that much better then concrete. plus concrete can hurt the dogs paws if they are on it too much (it happened to my friends dog, that is why i am saying this)
      be sure to make it big as possible because huskies can become very large.
      hope it helps (: (: (: (:
      hope it helps (:

    3. ? says:

      cover the grass
      put tiles on it thats not slippery and put a sand pit on the corner

    4. Dhfsjn Hguehdfj says:

      huskies are so cute!!! lucky you! 🙂

    5. Horsecrazygal says:


      Maybe since huskies ar good diggers maybe get a concrete floor for the area of kennel then get a big enough house and a door he can get in and out of easily then in there keep a little bed and rug that he can lie down on and some of his chew toys. Get a fenced area around that so he cant escape. Make sure he cant bite threw it because my friend owns a dog and she bit threw the fencing!

      Hope I helped! 🙂

    6. More Bored Collie says:

      Build the kennel with all sides enclosed like a giant crate .
      Then dig a few feet into the ground and place the kennel in it, cover the bottom with soil/grass.

    7. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

      My outdoor kennel is chain link fencing, it works quite well. I also have pea gravel as substrate. LOVE it. So easy to clean up.

      Just putting it out there, if you get a small puppy, I would be very cautious at how long you leave the pup out there

      EDIT: Good for you. An older dog will do fine outdoors for a few hours. Make sure there is shelter and be cautious during warmer weather. Sibes are double coated breeds and can easily get overheated. Good luck with your new dog

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