Okay, Seriously strange question about dogs…?

I have a 40 lb male chihuahua/terrier mix, and my girlfriend a 3.5 lb male longhaired toy chihuahua. We put the 2 together in the same kennel (first time in same cage) for roughly an hour while we did some cleaning. Both dogs are fixed, but now the 3 lb chihuahua has a nasty viscuous substance on his back that strongly resembles GIZ! Now ive never even seen my dog get the red rocket nor hump anything even when growing up, is it possible that my fixed male dog humped my g/f’s little longhaired male toy chihuahua??? what else could it be, help this is really gross!

p.s. we were cleaning because the little chihuahua had diarrhea.

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6 Responses to “Okay, Seriously strange question about dogs…?”

  1. Jaime L says:

    its probably drool not Giz

  2. BelleK says:

    I agree that it’s probably drool. A dog’s drool can be clear, frothy, thick or sticky.

  3. steffigiraffe says:

    If he has been castrated, then he wouldn’t be able to produce anything like that!

    It’s probably drool.

  4. Goose says:

    Well… I’m no EXPERT or anything like that, but dogs (and cats) still get the urge even if they’re spayed. I mean, I guess its just nature’s influence… Although, the male dog may have thought the female chihuahua was cowering or something… I know that when I curl up on the floor (attempting to sleep), my friend’s dog (a German Shepherd/Collie mix) will attempt to hump me… and he won’t stop until my friend throws him into his cage… (once he "peed" on me and well, I needed a change in clothing). So, I’d just say that your dog got the urge… sorry that I can’t be of more assistance…

  5. .:kaYLee:. says:

    call the vet

  6. Evie H says:

    Its a sign of dominance , wach to see if either one puts his paw over the others shoulders and tries biting the neck area. My 3 year old male dog has started doing it to our 10 year old but previously he was scared of him , hes getting to the stage where he wants to be boss.

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